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  1. That's ban worthy, just wait to any SGM watch this dw...
  2. In some cases they weren't able to for various reasons, why not just sending a mail to confirm, the cash ain't necessary
  3. IGN: Damzito Timezone: GMT -4 Tiers: NU > DUBS > OU Fluff: "I just want to give my bests on this competition called PSL, I still got traumas since I got haxed for the first time." - Damzito -
  4. IGN: JorgeFirebolt Time Zone: GMT+2 Discord: Jorge Firebolt#1504 Tiers: OU Fluff: I've already played WC3, WC4 and PSL13. Both world cups as SMOU/OU with Spain and PSL13 as OU with Ruthless Rotoms. I'm willing to win atleast once on this game a PSL and do a good OU record. I've only won 2 Community Combats tournaments and a OU Seasonal tournament, but rn I'm eager and ready to try my bests on this PSL to win, I'm ready and setled to do my bests on this PSL!
  5. Add Golbat as physical wall, defogger and taunt user Add Venusaur as physical wall
  6. Team: Devolve la plata Player OU: JorgeFirebolt Player NU: Huargensy
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