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  1. @TooManyLuigisWhen I use this theme on PokeMMO it says like its maybe outdated to my version, could you update it please?
  2. [removed, I dont think I have enough time to participate in the PSL, too busy lately, sorry :( ]
  3. @suiginlooks like some pokemon images from the original post won't show up, may you post the names + images? (pd: only happens with mobile version or atleast that's how it looks like to me)
  4. IGN: JorgeFirebolt , Title: "Releasing a beast.", (1130 Words)
  5. I mean, it's really annoying to log off for forfeiting on a match or waiting to the countdown goes down to 0. Maybe we could use the "Run" button as forfeit in PvP matches? Original idea by: CamilaKawaiiChan (told me to post it if I wanted to)
  6. I mean, this idea would be really cool, teams would center in other things than teaching and competitive.
  7. I mean, darkshade is a human too, but I mean, imagine how cool would it be and how happy people would get with having the option to edit their trainer pose, you can see it by yourself by the votes of this question in barely 1 day, 15 and keeps increasing.
  8. I'm the only one who feels awkard seeing every trainer with the same pose? I always felt like adding a feature like this on PokeMMO would be cool to see. So you could edit your trainer pose in "Customization" so you can change whenever you want. Some examples poses that would be cool to see:
  9. why not doing it a 65 BP attack as gen6 and gen7? This would change the competitive meta so much.
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