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  1. Bump, I really love LC, used to play that tier on showdown and I wanted to try it out on PokeMMO
  2. I dont feel like droping dugtrio and electrode to NU is a good idea with the big variety of screen abusers/set up sweepers there is inside NU itself, it would completly ruin what NU used to be..
  3. @suiginAll the image links have dissappeared, could you put the names at the right of each photo? So people know what pokemon is it no matter if images get dead?
  4. Tag Team: [HDLM] Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Team Player: RealDevilLegend, Nagahex, AkaroKokuyo, JasonSparrowX, JorgeFirebolt, Killuminatis, InuyashaL, zMago, AurumPegasus, DarkQuiler, xJoseee, Zenenn, Neblinamist, DarkNightzz, wrathend Team Captain: RealDevilLegend
  5. In Rock Blast 37%, since theres this little chance rock blast can miss
  6. Trashtalk doesnt take off the fact that he has done a nice PSL tbh. GG Cris
  7. Seems like no one posted screenshot, but kiwikidd won.
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