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  1. I was bored and I started playing with userbar generator, so I thought on doing countries userbars just for fun, feel free to use 'em! Champions (Belgium): Countries: Captains: MVP Edits by me (Not the official ones!!): (if any team / captain is missing, DM me on forums / PokeMMO, ty!)
  2. IGN: JorgeFirebolt Reason: Idk, I feel like playing and trying PSL ig, and obviously to win! Preferred Tiers: OU Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): Top 50 or around in OU season 1, but then later got kicked out of it cause innactivity and people grow up the ELO cut in OU +8 each day (when top was around 690 of ELO), now I've around 745-760 of ELO, nothing much ig, played for Spain in worldcup SMOU (3-0), and that's it, that's the nearest thing I got to PSL level. Im pretty new in the MMO ig (2019), reached just 2 semis on CCOU. Discord contact (optional): Jorge Firebolt#1504 Other random stuff: quien te pregunto
  3. Yes, and no, you cant compare magearna with garchomp, magearna is a bulky sweeper which has just checks, and garchomp can be a scarf user, wallbreaker, mixed user and even bulky. I give you a point since scarf cloyser/sash cloyster + shell smash and choice band/Life orb weavile are counters to chomp (welp, I would consider weavile as a check.)
  4. As I mentioned on my edit, I was outside for 4/5 days taking a rest + vacantion with friends, didnt wanted to cause any trouble so I just said on that edit to delete my inscription.
  5. Same shit happened to me but with a bibarel on the Sinnoh lake thing.... (It was shiny duh)
  6. Isnt this promoting stall? I dont feel like promoting stall is a good idea since everyone have their own criteria of playing any kind of core, I deny to force myself to play 6 walls to win BP or for getting something fast.
  7. Black badge/No badge: unranked users. Novice Trainer: 449,99 ELO or lower. Character: 450+ Ace trainer: 550+ Veteran trainer: 650+ Elite trainer: Top 2-100 Master Trainer: Top 1 Novice trainer Ribbon:
  8. Is this event still avaiable inside PokeMMO ? I kinda wonder if it is inside of PokeMMO since im collecting all the Hoenn secret trophies for my secret base, TY.
  9. Jokes aside, is the update comming this week ATLEAST?
  10. Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Team Tag: [HDLM] Registered Players: RealDevilLegend, JorgeFirebolt, Killuminatis, azzazz, SkullDeus, NagaHex, MaKx, zenenn, DylanWoodz, DarkNightzZ, zMago, yaritan, InuYashaL, AaronRC, AurumPegasus. Team Captain: RealDevilLegend
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