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  1. 'grats Colombia and Belgium, GL and I would like to thank all the players who made this worldcup a whole moment of the week to entretain everyone a bit I guess, first time I participate in such a big thing as a World Cup, NGL, was such a funny experience. Said all of this, give us a nice final to memorate and may the best win. Also GL Mexico and Argentina too, may the best win too.
  2. Nope, he's a new player who comes from smogon.
  3. It has been the first time for a lot of people to be honest, but yeh, well perfomed hannah and GG! Well deserved :)
  4. Sorry for being 8 mins late, and GG Squirrel, my fault, I accidentally converted that time by mistake to another time zone. GG, I won. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-1132487755
  5. Tbh it would be better to keep gengar as how is it right now since sub-disable set stops some threats as I said, and ban nasty plot on gengar as draco meteor was banned from hydreigon.
  6. May I ask why switching gengar's ability? That was done in gen6 'cause of fairy types, but in our meta what's the point of taking out gengar's ability, subchomp could be stopped with disable gengar, and not to mention gengar was one of the most used OU pokemons and a versatile stallbreaker / wallbreaker, I feel like all the update is cool except this big nerf to gengar.
  7. Spain vs Korea SMOU - JorgeFirebolt vs SquirrelMix At: Sunday at 10pm UTC +9 | GMT +9 / 5pm UTC +2 | GMT +2
  8. So if you are starting your journey on Unova and you want a Rotom you dont need to pass Sinnoh to get your special rotom form
  9. Team Name: GuardiansoftRose Team Tag: RØSE Registered Players: Azzazz, MAXXIIx, INTELL, Yeikochu, DianaAnkudinova, branYT, JuLioZm, ninamik, JorgeFirebolt, Novaniel, ManuelPVP, DREYKERGAME, CristhianArce, Taranys. Team Captain: MAXXIIx
  10. Maybe a command to check if Keldeo/Mewtwo/Arceus are avaiable at the wild to catch em?
  11. I feel like IPS is totally an amazing thing and feature that PokeMMO has, too sad that only works on summer / default map season..
  12. ELO in SMOU is overrated tbh, normally the players that win tours at showdown aren't inside the Ladder, just saying, and around 1600+ of ELO you will just find like trickroom users and tons of rain teams.. (Sounds not real since SMOU top score in 2020 is 1940 = /) Edit: he has 1560 of ELO
  13. Chile vs Argentina looks epic tbh
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