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  1. Where is aforementioned "Wheel" I can spin to generate this? This sounds pretty fun actually haha
  2. You must defeat N and Ghestis with in order to get your obedience to reach 100 in Unova. As Dibz said, talk to the team plasma grunt within the Pokémon League Pokémon Center to be sent to N's castle to battle them.
  3. *queue le USSR anthem* *tips ushanka* cOmRaDe
  4. Please message me on the forums, I don't check discord that often
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Wulfscar, I am a regular on PokéMMO. I am offering an EV Training Service in Exchange for in-game currency. To all those interested please consult the pricing below. Standard Service: Macho Brace EV Training (Pokémon will level up). I will not teach the Pokémon any moves unless otherwise specified. I will evolve Pokémon. Cost: $50K per Pokémon Premium Service: Amnesia Brace EV Training (Pokémon will not level up). I will not teach the Pokémon any moves (as it will not learn any due to it not leveling up). I will not evolve Pokémon (as they will not level up). Cost: $100K per Pokémon If you wish to utilize one of these services from me, please wait until I am online in-game and trade me the Pokémon and the money. Message me on here if you require one of these services. Your message must include the following: Your in-game name The EVs that you wish to be trained - totaling 510 EVs If I do not reply to your message on here that means I will be unable to fulfill your request at this time. *Note: the Premium Service costs double due to it requiring literally double the time to complete EV training each Pokémon.*
  6. The only thing you can do is name it at the Hoenn Name Rater in Slateport, the Kanto Name Rater in Lavender Town, or trade the Pokémon to a friend to do so.
  7. An Invisible NPC Psychic trainer in Eterna Forest near the northern exit.
  8. When entering the Line of Sight of 2 or more trainers, upon defeating the first trainer the subsequent ones' dialogue bubbles do not pop up after they approach the player. Thus freezing the game and forcing a re-log to fix it.
  9. Upon defeating some NPCs the "!" above their head appears and the sound indicator goes of as if they are encountering you for the first time even though they were recently defeated.
  10. Just trying to report as many discrepancies as I can to help out :P
  11. there is just a black screen with a list of names for starters and a white box above it that is blank, no images of the starters you are choosing are shown.
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