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  1. Wtf. I'd have a broke pc if that happened to me wtf
  2. Looking forward to winning this event with a shiny(Totally not gonna happen) :P
  3. The site for generating the random pokemon is this https://randompokemon.com/ @Wulfscar @FinnTheMember
  4. 414 hrs 7th OT shiny caught ! Shiny rate is fair just saying!!!!
  5. \ 7th shiny 414 hrs ! Shiny rate is fair! Just saying
  6. 6th OT caught shiny 405 h in game Shiny rate is fair!!
  7. Players: UGUDLIGHT and Curseman Bet pool: 20k Winner: Curseman
  8. well here u go my 5th shiny shiny living dex on the way (not really)
  9. Players: Curseman & UGUDLIGHT Bet pool: 20k Winner: Curseman
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