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  1. nft cause of how low the gtl made gyarados I paid 5.5m 2 months ago and now the lowest is 4m on gtl so FORGET IT!
  2. HackGod


    Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Wheres sinnoh?
  3. Are we talking lower prices or lower values here? Lower prices&values i mean sure why not
  4. Hi i played for years had a shiny here or there it kept the game fin but for 2 months i bought gift shop items and sold them for yen. I obviously bought 13 shiny pokemon since i had none. These were shiny pokemon I've always wanted. After a few days of having my 13 shiny pokemon i completely lost interest in playing all together. IVE BEEN PLAYING SINCE 2013 DO I LOOK LIKE I NEED A BREAK NOW? So my suggestion is for you guys to fix whatever it is from keeping me from logging in everyday. Thanks
  5. 15m Shiny adamant gyarados goes for the same price and both non comp shiny versions go for 6m
  6. I'll tell whats useless. The pc's that hold all your pokemon are useless.
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