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  1. I'll tell whats useless. The pc's that hold all your pokemon are useless.
  2. Its confirmed guis im upgrading my gt 1030 for a rx 570 pulse so i can play a 2d game on the highest of settings xd
  3. HackGod

    Game scaling

    No I made a support request a week ago and it couldn't be helped to play with everything zoomed out and very small after 2.0 scaling. I'm asking for devs to look into it further and get a scaling that fits big screen televisions
  4. HackGod

    Game scaling

    I was wondering if the devs could do a proper game scaling for resolution 3840 x 2160 The text and everything about the game is small and voomed way out Thank you
  5. HackGod

    Value Advice

    Whats the nature
  6. Added Characteristics, the most important feature of the game What?
  7. Just for a shinys stuff ill get back to you or whoever
  8. I was wondering if we could have a few items worth 50k-100k that would sell to the poke mart for that kind of price. Can be found using pick up? I think it would bring in a lot of new money to the game Right now we only have npc battles for in game money and low sell price items like pokeballs and some other items only going for as high as 1500 pokeyen and the nugget/pearls for 5k But you devs im sure have an idea of why this would be a bad idea to bring so much more money into the game that I'm unaware of that is different from the usual ways to get cash right now
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