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  1. RIP Sanic ;_;

    1. kloneman


      lf squall to come back

  2. Of course Raichufan! I have known you for a long time now. How could I possibly forget? ;)

  3. Do you know me?

  4. Rip Walrus ;_;

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    2. TheGloriousWalrus



      squallrus pls xplain

    3. Squall


      You were offline for a week so I thought you might have quit all of a sudden :>

    4. TheGloriousWalrus
  5. RIP Xiren ;_;

  6. Squall

    Hello There

    Welcome to the Forums!
  7. Welcome to the Forums!   Nice Intro BTW ;p
  8. RIP Tay ;_;

  9. Squall

    Hello! (Again)

    Welcome back Dev ;p
  10. Safu pls go

  11. Welcome to the Forums! Nice intro you got there ;p
  12. Dat moment you meet your wife Ingame...       I am a changed man now phaggots, no more flirting for me :')
  13. Hmmmmmm your name bears a close resemblance to the name "Squall Leonhart". Is that a coincidence or did you purposefully make your name like that?   Either way, welcome to the Forums!
  14. Please clear you Inbox man :)

  15. Wow this is the first time that an Introduction Thread created by a Male had received more than 25 replies lol. It's normally supposed to be the other way around ;p
  16.   That was pretty interesting to me. Besides, compared to you I am a much more boring person in real life ;_;   Also welcome to the Forums BTW!
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