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  1. https://imgur.com/DRPlacT First one to succeed => ME <=
  2. Forever on the fire side of this game. Chimchar it will be.
  3. I was there, at "soon" and at "tomorrow"
  4. Omelette au Fromage Event 13/08/2019 Winner : UGUDLIGHT
  5. Edited the 02/08/2019 for the second round of battles.
  6. Organizer : UGUDLIGHT Rules: 1 - 6 Mons randomly chosen through the wheel and only those will be usable throughout the journey and they have to be caught in sinnoh. 2 - No GTL mons buying allowed (selling is allowed) 3 - In case of a double, reroll allowed 4 - In case of a legendary popping, reroll allowed 5 - In case of a mons catchable only endgame, reroll allowed 6 - Until one mons of the six is caught, the player is allowed to use the starter. 7 - In case that the mons aren't catchable before the 3/4 gyms, player may be allowed to bring one of those six from a past region but isn't allowed to use the sinnoh starter or any TMs. X - Rules can be added and altered depending on future events Registered Players: UGUDLIGHT, Curseman, LatAndroid, NathanCamp, Lycryola (Revato's alt)
  7. Cool ! A Pokeball ! (Saturday 27 July) Players: UGUDLIGHT & Curseman Bet pool total: 40K Winner: UGUDLIGHT
  8. Join the Alliance and Bet with us during Catching event ! Organizers: UGUDLIGHT & Curseman Rules: 1 - Bet amount is discussed between players before the event 2 - You can join at any time before and during the bet (there is no point joining after the event...) 3 - Highest Iv Mons caught during time between players wins 4 - Special clause: In case of an official 4th place winner, only other official winnners can top 5 - Joining the bet means going through with it
  9. I like how the fighting mons are sandwiching the glali. BTW, i'm in.
  10. MESMERIZIN METRONUM MASTERS 6 VS 6 Clefables Organizers : UGUDLIGHT // CoolTrainerAce First battle: 20/07/2019 (L: 1 // A: 2) Second Battle : 02/08/2019 (L: 2 // A :1) Current Win Score : LIGHT : 3 Ace : 3 Big thanks to Blackyie, Curseman, Dugzy and the rest of the team AFRO. Also big up to Bread for the design.
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