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  1. So, if i were to catch weedle baits (4) and then caterpie baits (3) and I luck out in filling all fishes... Do the multiple entries stack or not? Nvm, considering wailord requirement, it seems like it does. Just correct me if wrong.
  2. Here is my own art~ (Erica is the grass gym leader in Kanto)
  3. Curse and LatAndroid did it with me though ;) => They didn't post tho :p
  4. https://imgur.com/DRPlacT First one to succeed => ME <=
  5. Forever on the fire side of this game. Chimchar it will be.
  6. I was there, at "soon" and at "tomorrow"
  7. Omelette au Fromage Event 13/08/2019 Winner : UGUDLIGHT
  8. Edited the 02/08/2019 for the second round of battles.
  9. Organizer : UGUDLIGHT Rules: 1 - 6 Mons randomly chosen through the wheel and only those will be usable throughout the journey and they have to be caught in sinnoh. 2 - No GTL mons buying allowed (selling is allowed) 3 - In case of a double, reroll allowed 4 - In case of a legendary popping, reroll allowed 5 - In case of a mons catchable only endgame, reroll allowed 6 - Until one mons of the six is caught, the player is allowed to use the starter. 7 - In case that the mons aren't catchable before the 3/4 gyms, player may be allowed to bring one of those six from a past region but isn't allowed to use the sinnoh starter or any TMs. X - Rules can be added and altered depending on future events Registered Players: UGUDLIGHT, Curseman, LatAndroid, NathanCamp, Lycryola (Revato's alt)
  10. Cool ! A Pokeball ! (Saturday 27 July) Players: UGUDLIGHT & Curseman Bet pool total: 40K Winner: UGUDLIGHT
  11. Join the Alliance and Bet with us during Catching event ! Organizers: UGUDLIGHT & Curseman Rules: 1 - Bet amount is discussed between players before the event 2 - You can join at any time before and during the bet (there is no point joining after the event...) 3 - Highest Iv Mons caught during time between players wins 4 - Special clause: In case of an official 4th place winner, only other official winnners can top 5 - Joining the bet means going through with it
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