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  1. I joined your Club. Hiya!

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    That is some crazy grinding right there! @Akshit
  3. Hiromosa


    She's definitely Sturdy.
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    Hello everyone, My name is Hiromosa, but you can call me Hiromosa. Born in the Netherlands and 26 years old. Here to play, grind, collect, social interact and have fun while doing it. Started playing at White and already made some progress on my first day, and about to continue my quest in exploring these games and community. Also caught my first decent pokemon to train and use for achieving glorious victory. Also can someone explain me how it works with the different ROMS? I added all of them in my directory and started playing White. But what if I am done on White and want to go play the other pokemon games? Do I go there as the character I first made on White? And do I get to keep all my pokemon? Hope to get some feedback. Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!
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