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  1. There is a lot of games in the DS library that's is cool online. Any chance of this team work in others like Ragnarock DS, Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy Cristal ?
  2. Darkeholy

    Battle view

    horizon landscape I was wondering if there would be a way to put a background in the battle animations something very basic to graphically expand the immersion for each terrain that happens the fighting. It would only take 6 to 8 more terrain charts like mountain, field, forest, desert, water, cave, city, snow, space and road
  3. Think like a anime fan...How cool If you see Ash vs Red in the finals in 2019? Or even if you Win a tournament with the best of bests, see the leaders in a real battle vs real World players? Of course with more improved pokémons to equalize
  4. The random factor, listen the idea, one time in year every elite four and best trainers in " World" or region If you do like a exclusive event battle. The A.I fighters change the pokémon and strategies every year to give for players the sensation "this guy improved from last year" or see a NPC have the chance to update his history
  5. Like exclusive feature, a all in one league with gym leaders updated to pro players and new ones challenger cheer is favorite caracters
  6. Why not add a main "PokémonMMO World Map" showing where in PokeMMO World each region is placed? A archievement system too, like "Beat Red" And the creation of a custom League where the players compete with anime and game legends like Ash, Oak, Red, Stan Lee (that One) Gyn leaders and others players same time
  7. Looking in the web ways to help this project i found a good romhack named Pokémon Liquid Cristal, a remake of the GBC in a GBA rom with more features like Orange Islands. Any chance to add It to PokeMMO or the X and Y gen?
  8. Brazilian - Com a limitação de Sword e Shield jogadores vão procurar PokeMMO como alternativa pra competitivo. Então visando dar algo a mais, que tal um jeito de "ver" os pokémons selvagens no mato ou alguns cruzando as estradas tipo um indicador como "!" isso pra ver eles? Google Translation: With the limitation of Sword and Shield players will look for PokeMMO as an alternative to competitive. So aiming to give something more, how about a way to "see" the wild pokémons in the bush or some crossing the roads type a gauge like "!" This to see them?
  9. Darkeholy

    Ranked Match

    Well im new here and can you guys create a moba like ranked system to rankup?
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