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  1. GL to all Players, this is gonna be Interesting as hell!
  2. Beautifly...i will never forget you...;(
  3. LC is dead: Also me, coming 10 seconds late: tourney full. Noice
  4. Bred me 60 Pokes, Ma man is always Doing a Good Job ;) ~Greetings from the GoFundSpxter Foundation
  5. @Sintatic Probably the most Exhausting, but also craziest thing i have done yet. I lost the count of unbelieveable safes we made here xD Imagine Fighting Flying after a Scor of 60 with bug/fighting. And Outplay it. xd
  6. Same Event as every year, what did you expect?
  7. Mmo in a nutshell: Halloween and Christmas Event every year. So Creative, Much woaw...
  8. After a clear Talk yesterday @awkways probably has the most $$$ I have seen and heard yet+ op ot shinys :)
  9. 您好,我正在为这个口袋妖怪寻找一个很好的出价,非常稀有的主人。请只提交认真的报价。我的游戏名称是Leviatharian。请在游戏中与我联系。您可以在此帖子下找到神奇宝贝的图片 请原谅我的中文不好,否则我只会说英语或德语
  10. Matchmaking drops are rigged but im gonna climb soon tm
  11. Yes they only breed with ditto and you always have to Level the breeded tyrogue to 20 and evolve to repeat
  12. Joining a Tournament as a Mod...old but gold
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