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  1. I would like to see a disclaimer, like a warning for tourneys in 15 Minutes for ranked matchmaking in like 5 Minutes,i think this makes sence and makes some people more aware of when what happens.
  2. I meant uu to nu for wormadame, etc.
  3. Will the next big tier change Happen next month already?
  4. Si Zhiko Si 2m u go 2:0 void if tie
  5. Exactly cause of ice beam/icy wind spam i meant that
  6. 1. There wasn't this much of adapation to be honest in my Eyes, Garchomp and Rotom-W were the only Pokes i have fought yet in real matches and both dont make too big of a difference (Garch makes Sand more Viable tho) 2. Yes it is, i doubt many play Gastrodon, since its speed is that low and makes a huge difference in much cases outside of Trick Room. 3. I guess Rotom Forms have the Potential to still bring a good amount if impact, maybe lopunny is a niche pick with its moves, besides that i guess toxicroak in rain with sucker punch really could pick of some stuff, but testing is still needed in my eyes.
  7. @Lluvviasry for already scheduling it so late, but i got heavy headaches and 39°C Head today, i literally cant bother to play today, so gg...if he doesnt read this, pls someone else tell him that in 1hr 30 mins when our scheduling was
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