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  1. Just exclude it then, instead of giving people an instant 5v6?
  2. GL to all Players, this is gonna be Interesting as hell!
  3. Beautifly...i will never forget you...;(
  4. LC is dead: Also me, coming 10 seconds late: tourney full. Noice
  5. Bred me 60 Pokes, Ma man is always Doing a Good Job ;) ~Greetings from the GoFundSpxter Foundation
  6. @Sintatic Probably the most Exhausting, but also craziest thing i have done yet. I lost the count of unbelieveable safes we made here xD Imagine Fighting Flying after a Scor of 60 with bug/fighting. And Outplay it. xd
  7. Same Event as every year, what did you expect?
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