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  1. Never heard of you in 7 Years, so don't even try to show balls.
  2. IGN: Leviatharian Motivation: Show the PSL I'm capable to Lead a Team like i did in World Cup already, sadly that's my first time playing psl (followed all others). I can provide help in Form of knowledge and pokes for all tiers. Competitive Accolades: Being the Guy that gets into Finals and throw then :') 0/12 Finals streak hue Other Stuff: professional Handball Player in a Top Club in Germany tho
  3. IGN: Leviatharian Time Zone (GMT format): GMT+1 (Germany) Tiers: UU preffered, can play all Fluff: I was also McTermi/Funkykong First Time Sign In, potential to be surprise Player hehe Germany's Team Captain World Cup Known from ÄURA,RISE,LÄVA Got all Comps yaya
  4. Prepare your Loans for some more comps ~
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