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  1. Thx for the 3 Perfect breeded Mons fast af!
  2. Wanna buy a Hitmonchan Comp IV's: 25+/31/25+/x/25+/31 Adamant, hit me up ingame: Leviatharian If u got one for sale :).
  3. you are and were the only person to host stuff at 11 am gmt lmao, back in my days this was forbidden lol
  4. just finished another layer of 6 comps within 1 day, thanks much for your work bud <3
  5. Name: Leviatharian Team Tag: NORE Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Pain (from Naruto) Render (Optional): Your Choise Theme Colors: no special Wish :) Type of Artwork: Signature Animated?: If Possibruuh Donation: small loan of a million dollars $$$ Additional information: thanks for doing it :3
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