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  1. Matchmaking drops are rigged but im gonna climb soon tm
  2. @iJulian gl fam, guess i have no Place this time
  3. Yes they only breed with ditto and you always have to Level the breeded tyrogue to 20 and evolve to repeat
  4. Joining a Tournament as a Mod...old but gold
  5. @Flesk if this is your Forum Account pls finally contact me, i couldnt find u in now 3 Days :(
  6. This happenend since Blizzard told me right after I gave the scheduling into concideration, that he couldn't play, hosts and both teams are known about this since start of the week, all fine here
  7. Anyone from Columbia B, pls talk to me lmao
  8. Germany going From Zero to Hero woa
  9. 9 Pokes in 2 Days, Nothing to complain about, fast and friendly!
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