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  1. IGN : Azphiel Time Zone (UTC Format) : UTC +1 Tiers : OU>UU=NU>LC>Doubles
  2. Did you notice that a certain unknown player made it twice in a row to the finals in shiny tournaments? Damn, a king's rock Cloyster user consistently beating solid players in tournaments, and in most of his games making his way to victory by shell smashing, pressing icicle spear and praying. Thanks god the game alerts the players that Cloyster holds a king's rock so they can easily counter it right?
  3. Tenacious Taillows () Vs Luxurious Luxrays () OU3: QuinnW vs Queest UU: YettoDie vs PoseidonWrath Doubles: OrangeManiac vs Gasyflour SWSHLC: Spaintakula vs urquidi Up to 300k each
  4. If you're willing to bet twice against me, I take up to 300k (And you owe me 200k)
  5. Luxurious Luxrays () Vs Munya's Mienfoos () OU1: Sintatic vs killuacuba OU2: Queest vs PedroLindoUnico OU3: KokenoCastro vs TomaselioMP UU: Tawla vs Havsha Doubles: Gasyflour vs EEDays SWSHLC: Urquidi vs Rigamorty 100 to 200k each
  6. IGN : Azphiel Tiers : All (please lend me some comps though) Preferred manager : YettoDie, PoseidonWrath Discord : Azphiel#6862
  7. By the way arena trap does not work on ghost types
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