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  1. Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag: SIÂ Registered players : MadaraSixSix, Azphiel, Smadagos, Tawla, Mkns, gbwead, Jaawax, TheDH, Stelian, Eastsiideboy, Jgaw, AwaXGoku, daveN Team Captain : Azphiel
  2. Should I mail you a second time?
  3. The Eden of Hazard's (0) Vs The Mismagicians (0) OU: PoseidonWrath Vs Latios 500k NU: SweetForU Vs Sejuani 300k NU: SweetForU Vs Frags 300k 500k Hazards are champions
  4. 300k PoseidonWrath wins vs LeoTsb 500k El Eden De Los Hazardos wins
  5. Triple City (1) Vs The Primal Primeapes (0) OU: Azphiel Vs Huargensy OU: Heichicoda Vs Bund UU: QuinnW Vs Huargensy @Wallarro NU: forfiter Vs Tawla @Tawla Dubs: Mislandier Vs Akarukokuyo @Toxicz NU: tMoi Vs Kanzo @Axelgor 300k each, 500k myself, 1M Triple City wins
  6. Take fengrinrin, QuinnW and myself
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