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  1. thank you and I hope from my heart that the game will grow and those people who left will come back and pokemmo will be number 1 again.
  2. I buy redward points with real money and I have the right to complain (legal). shiny's some, but it’s frustrating the ratio.
  3. I’ve already done the stories 100%, I’ve got like 70 competitive, the pvp it's always the same, team sand, team rain and 5 or 6 walls.
  4. nobody does anything about it, I care about the game, If I don’t complain, who will?
  5. a lot of people I know are filling up
  6. I don’t want the game to die or people to go
  7. +1 vote is for Sinnoh to enter very very soon :)
  8. Well, the game is dying, fewer people are coming in and it’s getting more repetitive every day, The same team in pvp aqua and sand, people are slowly moving into the competition of this game, Nobody enters almost, Sinnoh, don’t expect the game to die any more, you don’t seem to care, I despair to see that do not move a hair by the game. Please staff o pokemmo, let’s do this big game again...
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