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  1. I have a TON of postings on the GTL and once in a while I have a few expire. It would be nice if when I select "your listings" on the GTL one of the columns told me the time until that posting expired. Just makes sense to me that if postings do expire then more information on the expiry was available. Seems almost immoral to me to allow postings to expire without any kind of forewarning. Other than that, the game is almost perfect.
  2. I feel as though I have saturated the market for 1X31 magikarp. I have roughly 80 active postings at 8k a piece for them. I try to get 15k for 2X31. If I get a 3X31 with all 3 of the 31's grouped together I post it for 100K but if there is a space between them I post it for 50k. What do y'all think is a fair price for a 1X31 with an overall IV score of under 110? I ask out of curiosity. Let me know.
  3. Glenbo94

    Side quests

    I know I've posted quite a few suggestions but there is quite a few things I'd like see changed/added. Let me start off by saying that I think this is an awesome game as is but all great things can be better. I think side quests would be a great addition to the overall experience of the game. After completing the elite four there is always the want to complete the pokedex (with the lack of legendaries, that is a whole other topic). There is hours of to be had hunting shinies and selling/trading pokemon and making your character hardcore. But, what if there was more? If NPC's could give out tasks for players to do for reward and a side quest menu existed to keep track of them then the possibilities would be endless. Rewards could be simple, 150+ IV pokemon, monetary, expensive items. All things that would make the quest worth doing up and above the direction it would give to the gameplay post-elite 4. As new quests were thought up a simple update could add them to the game, after a few years the amount of side quests could be vast. I think this is an idea worth merit and I hope it is taken into consideration, thank you for looking into this post and evaluating it's possibility for the future.
  4. That's legit. Idc wether it is a text prompt or within the pokedex, I just want the info available in the game.
  5. I am aware that the guide exists out of game, my suggestion is to be able to have it in-game.
  6. It would be cool if there was a chat command or some kind of function that would list whatever wild pokemon are available in the area you are currently in. Kind of how the unstuck function works but instead have a command that was /checkwild or something that would prompt a list of pokemon that could be found via grass, fishing or water in that area. Like if I was on route 1 in Kanto I could type the command and a list would show up saying "grass day: pidgey, rattata; grass night: pidgey, rattata, hoothoot" or something like that.
  7. I agree with the way raquaza and Mewtwo are handled in game, I believe that being in arms with other players over them increases the challenge and value to those pokemon. I do not, however, agree with the lack of other legendaries. Catching legendaries is what makes pokemon games so enthralling. I do agree that they are overpowered when it comes to PvP. So when it comes to legendaries such as zapdos, articuno, moltres, raiku, suicune, entie, the Regis, groudon, and others in the "lesser legendaries" categories why not make them available for catch but not PvP? They are already available in game for NPC battles so the pokemon do exist in game. Just makes sense that one of the biggest aspects of the pokemon franchise be available in this pokemmo game. Besides this one complaint I believe that this game is absolutely incredible and that credit is due where it is deserved so kudos. I hope this suggestion is taken seriously and that news for an update that allows legendaries happens within the foreseeable future. Thank you for reading this and all the best to your team of programmers.
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