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  1. This doesn't include animated battle sprites and only goes up to mine jr
  2. I've been trying to edit the colors of sprites by just slapping a hue changer over gifs of the battle sprites in photoshop, but for some reason the front sprites end up "Floating" above the ground when I actually apply the mod.It's also strange because the pokedex entry doesn't have issues at all despite using the same sprite data. I think it might be because the size of the gif is different from it's in game size since I downloaded from a third party website. Is there an official download/way to extract the sprite data I need so I can edit it without any errors? Picture of the issue is below
  3. I ended up making my own music mod and while the music itself plays fine, semi frequently upon changes areas/music tracks the sound will either; A. Stop playing B. Corrupt and become a garbled mess C. Crash the game do we know WHY these errors occur? I've noticed it's always as soon as a new track is set to start, so I'm assuming it has some sort of issue pulling up the next track. Is there a way to pack this into a .mod or a cleaner way to pack it into a .zip? I've tried different mod sizes with varying amounts of songs but it doesn't seem to make a difference (haven't tried a single song per mod but that might be overkill even if it does work...) oh also the hoenn surf ID is 365
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