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  1. Idk really, they were good optiones but maybe the reason are this: pachima just search new players who can do a good work. Pick this player or pick that other, always some good options will be rejected.
  2. and @Umbramol (I cant quote your msg, idk why) Pachima never will pick enchanteur manager, because he play with him on last PSL and Pachima see what happened when some dont work like enchanteur want. He just say "ok me voy perras hijaeputas" and resign. After that las PSL, enchanteur dont have options to be selected for manager.
  3. He pay the original guy who catch the rare, the guy change his nick, breed the shiny then he got OT "Exodos", after that just recover hes nickname
  4. Why the staff delete my reply? Did I broke any rule? I just want know how much this player pay for change the OT of thats shinys, is that bad?
  5. El jugador "GavII", conocido youtuber del canal "Walerito" fue permabaneado por acumular multiples bans / muteos. Ahora el hace una publicacion diciendo que llego a un acuerdo con Kyu y Squirtle para que lo dejen volver a jugar solo porque es un youtuber y promociona el juego. Esto es real?? Por favor diganme que es mentira, que esa "oferta" que menciona es una mentira y un intento desesperado de volver a llamar la atencion, seria triste realmente que solo por ser youtuber tenga la opcion de evadir las normas, y encima trabajar para el juego obteniendo un pago. A player with nickname "GavII" with the yt channel "Walerito" get a permaban for multiply bans / mutes before. Now, he explain how he came to an agreement with Kyu and Squirtle to let him play again just for being youtuber and promoting the game. Is this real?? Please tell me that it is a lie, that this "offer" he mention is a lie and a desperate attempt to get attention again, it would be sad really that just because he are youtuber he have the option to evade the rules, and working for the game with a pay.
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