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  1. Required Pokemon: Catcher Pokemon like Smeargle with False Swipe and Spore. Low level Patrat, must have Baton Pass move, Run Away ability and must have no offensive moves. Optional Items: Amnesia Brace ( Can only be acquired in the gift shop). Ditto Location: Defeat the Elite Four. Travel to Fallarbor Town. Enter Fossil Maniacs House North West of the Pokemon Center. Follow the path north into the Desert Underpass. Strategy: Set Patrat as your lead Pokemon. Its important that the Patrat is at a low level(No higher than level 45 assuming a -Speed Nature and 0 Speed IV/EV). This is necessary to make sure Ditto transforms before Patrat uses Baton Pass. And to allow a single False Swipe attack to bring Ditto down to 1 HP. This can be accomplished by getting a new Patrat if it levels up too much. Or by using the Amnesia Brace to prevent it from leveling up by equipping it on Patrat. Its also important that besides Baton Pass your Patrat has no other moves or only has useless moves like Leer or Focus Energy. Just having Baton Pass is also acceptable. If you encounter a Loudred simply run away. Despite Patrat's low level the ability Run Away will always allow it to run away. Once in battle with a Ditto have Patrat use Baton Pass. Switch to your catcher Pokemon. Use False Swipe and Spore. Use your choice of Pokeball to catch the Ditto and reapply Spore as necessary. Great Pokeballs offer the best price to catch rate ratio. Assuming you followed this guide Ditto will be unable to fight back in any way unless it completely runs out of moves and begins to use Struggle. Because Ditto will transform into Patrat it will also copy it's useless moveset preveting it from fighting back. Good Luck hope you catch a lot of great Dittos.
  2. Would it be possible to change the Typlosion sprite to have its flames active?
  3. Oh man I must have read 1/30,000 a thousand times in Global chat my brain is just mush, enough forum posting for me today.
  4. 1/35,000 every time you encounter one. 5/35,000 with every horde.
  5. There isn't one in PokeMMO and Hidden Abilities have not been implemented yet.
  6. Also, Visual Breeding Guide - Guide Tavern - PokeMMO if you're a visual learner.
  7. Legendary Pokemon Guide - Guide Tavern - PokeMMO
  8. escala Kanto,Hoenn,Sinnoh,Unova,Johto Videa Games, Lurking Thanks to denial, I'm immortal.
  9. Artisan Cave, Hoenn is also a spot often recommended. However Payday farming is boring just in general. Maybe try Gym runs instead.
  10. Bred this Whismur by sheer luck would like to ask for a price check or an estimate, thank you. The nature is Hasty if it makes any difference.
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