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  1. Team Name: Team Brazil Team Tag: BR Registered Players : Quakaroto, Elvessss, boyscap,jhowcrazy,shentinger,rafapallet,joaogrilo,deadwind,belegado,makarovmaster,andreymalthuz,shiforinfulas,melikos, feitpet, rickalvares Team Captain: Boyscap
  2. Team Name: GODs Team Tag: GODs Registered Players: Quakaroto, Elvessss, Belegado, rafapallet, melikos, Shentinger Team Captain: Quakaroto
  3. Team Name: GODs Team Tag: GODs Registered Players: Quakaroto, Elvessss, Belegado, Shiforinfulas, Pedrolee, Shentinger Team Captain: Quakaroto
  4. Team Name: Randomized Team Tag: RND Registered Players: zerensei, chuckunso, cmawesomee, Quakaroto, zdaryl, belegado, maxxiix, strikerfreecss, NzAdam, halott Team Captain: Quakaroto Cheerleaders: Xondex , Shiforinfulas , xgamemasterjuan
  5. 100% reliable, in less than 1 day, nice job
  6. I was wrong to type 2am, it was 1pm or 2 pm, sorry. can you fight today at that time? I thought the time was right when we made an appointment with your captain
  7. Team Name: Team Brasil Team Tag: BR Registered Players: Boyscap, Quakaroto, Belegado, Elvessss, Shentiger, Byakuya, Lelouchzeroo, JhowCrazy, Makarovmaster, Shiforinfulas, Rafapallet Team Captain: Boyscap
  8. Team Name : GODSTeam Tag : GODSRegistered Players : Quakaroto, Elvesss, LelouchZeroo, Melikos, RafaPallet, xLotus, Belegado, Gaoth, iDavi Team Captain : Quakaroto
  9. IGN: Quakaroto País: Brasil Tier: OU, UU, NU, Doubles Discord: quaaresma #6396
  10. Team Name:  GodsReborn Team Tag : GOÐS Players: Quakaroto, Elvessss, Melikos, lelouchzero, katonlol, youngmascka, rafapallet, zhaard, imKakashi, zatanne, andreymalthuz, xlotuss, biondioito, gaoth, deidara, eminemgoat, berryhunter, mc amumu, kurtOwen, belegado, mulekinn, mestreporkemon, iDavii Capitão da equipe: Melikos
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