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  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, idols maybe, but too lazy for enemies, as i make alot
  3. I say, they should take their time, instead of overworkig themselves
  4. [DATA EXPUNGED] Yes, were going SCP here.
  5. Come to think of it, why didnt anybody say this?
  6. True Words, man, i give my deepest bow to those gods that made this game
  7. “Im not that kind of person, i just want them to have no break and develop this game, without giving them a break. When they did the game, they promised to do everything at once and finish in two months only, right? I will never be happy with what we have here, only with sinnoh“ Boy, they take their precious time to make people happy, they are defying nintendo so you can play pokemon with other people. NEVER has anybody made a promise to finish the game as fast as you wish, for two reasons • They are human beings with more than just pokemon. Who knows, they might be col
  8. The concept of time is complicated in the distortion world. You do not require food or drinks, or giratina wouldve died there.
  9. Everything can get you banned if you do it too much.
  10. Try deinstalling pokemmo and reinstalling it
  11. I admit i look handsome, but i used to be Digibit, a random unknown person, but thank you for the compliment
  12. Indeed, i have, with two Accounts. My Plan is to replay the whole region spectrum over and over, sending all money back to the main account, if that is legal, that way, it wont get too boring and i will be hecka rich My other plans are full on pokemon service and mewtu, that one darn pokemon XD The reason i like sinnoh, is because of the spear pillar and the underground, also the distortion world. Speaking of Underground, how do you think will that be solved? It kind of is a multiplayer thing already.
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