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  1. IGN: ExCesar COUNTRY: Tunisia the beautiful TIERS: NU/DUBZ NOTES: im gonna give all i got to win this world cup no lack of interest like in tournies, so im begging my opponents to give all they got to make this event fun, also, oh hey im gaephobic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. I wanna talk about few things, first of all what umbra said is right but how paul answered to him is right too, many players dont do all big events, but world cup is still world cup, last and not least, if you vote for me as host i promise you the feature of bringing hot girls from world wide spectating your match and moaning your name even if you are using wild dunsparce. be chad, vote cesar
  3. Agree, also can you rename NU to UU 2.0 pls
  4. Can players switch tiers or each player is registered to only 1 tier? for example i play nu month 1 and play dubz month 2
  5. True but there is no fairness even in real bread's price i dont think we will find it in a game XD
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    1. ExCesar


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  7. U cant see my name cuz it was wrote in white ez
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