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  1. This is the same problem Im facing on my android device. I thought i was the only one facing the problem.
  2. Revato

    Daily rewards

    You do have a point in this and I agree to a certain extent. But what if all the rewarded items whether its usable or vanity is made nontradable/only limited to that character. I think then we can solve the problem of price dropping drastically in GTL maintaining a sustained economy. And about that "working hard to earn your resources" part: most of us are already doing that in real life for our daily breads XD. THe concept of gaming for pple like us is to "relax" and "enjoy a smooth ride". You are trying to say that its an MMO so grind is a part of it then lemme add this, there are dailies in almost ALL MMOs which rewards pple not based on rng. I dont wanna waste an unknown amount of time hunting for that particular cat which holds an amulet coin and THEN go for gym battles. (Since my play hours are not fixed i cant rely on berry farming coz i cant water them on time). Present price of Amulet coin is about 25k which is like 3 gym runs. Just explain to me this based on what u mentioned on "dont try to fix what is not broken". What was actually "broken" about the amulet coin b4? I didnt see ANY1 complaining about economy back then. I didnt see posts regarding keeping the server more interesting and all. My team [AFRO] (Akshit's Team) was filled with at the very least 8 regular players including me and Akshit. We recruited quite a fair amount of pple every week who were starting their poke adventure here and were enjoying themselves. What happened now!? I dont see ANY1[NONE] around when i log in....Most just waiting for Sinnoh like me. Plz explain I am very curious...(was never an economics student).
  3. Revato

    Daily rewards

    I do agree dailies can be a good idea. Almost every game is adapting this idea to draw player activities. For example: 1. Catch 3 Pokemons. 2. Catch 1 Water/Grass/Fire type. 3. Sell an Item/pokemon in GTL. 4. Buy an item/pokemon from GTL. 5. Win 3 trainer battles. 6. Win 3 Gym battles. 7. Trade an item/pokemon with someone. And so on... Activities may or may not be like the ones I have mentioned but should be feasible for both hardcore and casual players. People can be rewarded with a certain activity points which can be a currency to buy in game stuffs like AMulet charms, Berries, held items etc. For people who are doing ALL the daily quests every day may get a Loyalty reward point as a currency to buy exclusive rewards like a vanity item, Lucky egg or Small amounts of RPs or something thats worth grinding for. I believe a lot of people might get motivated to do them everyday and the prices for certain things may get low and also the process of grinding certain daily usable items will be less hectic for new players or casual players who cant give enough hours into the game for grinding.
  4. The jobs been done, luckily i was there ^^
  5. And few like us are the only ones who can see , or at least has the will to act on it.
  6. I would like to know how to farm 15 mil in 1 week let alone in 3 days . (I don't have multiple accounts/characters) P.S : I have a life outside the digital world, so suggest something feasible. Thank You.
  7. I can agree with u on all point except the fact that why is everyone so fixated with the idea that the devs are biased towards the Chinese community XD. I heard these stereotypical thinking a lot in and outside the game, but i haven't yet figured out HOW exactly the pokemmo is doing more for chinese than every1 in general :P For example, I have seen a whole lot of English community (since I myself stay in Eng chat all the time >.>) hyped about sinnoh. SO, how can u say "to please the chinese community they rushed sinnoh." Just curious, I am not trying to be mean or anything :D
  8. You know, I would like to state an opinion here after watching this drama going on for so long is that, why is everyone attacking Finn with 9000+ criticisms instead of discussing some positive changes that you all think shud be or cud be done to make the game more attractive to the old and new players equally. TBH he has a point that the game is not much enjoyable at this stage bcoz it has gotten stale and after the recent nerfs whenever me and my friend think of "farming" we decide to keep the idea of "pokemmo" on a hold. Coz honestly i have noticed that this game has a player base of young adults and adults with most of us busy with our daily jobs and pokemmo gives us or atleast gave us the platform for a free run into our nostalgia where we didn't have to "grind" like other MMOs and still enjoy all the aspects of the game. But now its becoming a grind fest for casual players such as myself and many others just to have a dream of making a comp team. And NO, I DO NOT support the mortality theory of his but still I think he has sensed something that was wrong and tried to express himself with his personal opinion on the current pokemmo scenario bcoz he loves and cares about this game just like any of us do. Clearly he didn't think of "everything" while he came up with his theory but instead of pointing finger at him and terming hilarious, stupid and what not kind of idea he has we rather raise a voice against the dying community. Anyways, I still keep my hopes high on this game since a new region will be added soon and along with other contents. Hopefully we will see a new dawn soon (TM Soon) in PokeMMO and the economy will be back to being "casual" friendly like it was and new stuffs for us to enjoy in the game. - Peace
  9. Why wud some1 be OK with his entire PC box wiped clean IF they are returning after 3 years break :D
  10. was expectin a reply like, "Meeowth! Thats right!!"
  11. Legendary Assassins of the Mist Exclusive Challenge the 4 most wanted criminals of the the PokeVerse (Pokemon Universe) A month long event with Four villains to defeat , each of them appearing per week with his/her havoc upon the lands of AFRO. Get your trainer gears and start hunting and challenging down the villains each week. All members of AFRO are eligible to challenge via whispering the Villains in game. Under no circumstances breeding or buying a Pokemon is allowed whether you're a Challenger or a Villain.(Its either OT or you are disqualified) No candidate (challenger/villain) will be permitted to use a bred Pokemon. The Pokemon caught by the challengers must be in the time period of the event. All pokes will be verified before the battle. All Pokemons should be leveled up to 40 and not more than that to participate in battle. Event Starts: August 1, 2019 <Thursday> Event Ends: August 29, 2019 <Thursday> Villains approaching - Announcement of winners and villains of the next month : August 29, 2019 <Thursday> For details of the Villains follow this link <here> Challenger Rules: Catch as many pokes as you like to choose from, for your 3 poke team to face a villain. You'll be allowed to challenge each villain a maximum of 3 times in case of failures. Changing of Pokémon is allowed before or after every battle if a challenger wishes to. Only moves learnt via leveling will be permitted. So you can’t use TMs, HMs or Tutors. Both the Villains and the Challengers are allowed any items* they wish to use on their pokes. Finally you will be scored based on your overall performance based on various factors**. Villain Rules: You will have plenty time ahead before the event to choose your team of 3 Pokémon but it has to be exposed to public at least 3 days prior to your appearance. You are not allowed to breed or buy pokes just like the challengers but will be allowed TMs, Tutor and HMs to make it challenging for the challengers. You are responsible to score each challenger you face and make a note on their individual skill sets based on the performance stats**. You are also allowed to give yourself a stage name for fun for dramatic reasons :D *Item Clause: No OP items as per official PvP || Sleep Clause: Not more than 1 poke can be in Sleep as per Official || Evasion Clause: No evasion increasing moves as per official. **Performance Stats to determine skill sets of an individual: Pokémon choice Move sets Play style or strategy Each above stat will be scored as Star points, with 0 Star being the lowest and 5 Star being the highest. A total of 15 points +5 Bonus points , making it 20 Star points can be earned against each Villains. Total Star points will be determined by totaling the average of 3 aforementioned stats and added bonus scored by an individual faced across all 4 bosses/villain. The top scoring players will have a chance to be the villain for the next month's trial.
  12. You have a good point. May be that's better.
  13. May be we need to work on the time thingy, or we cud make 1 villain appear per week and then set 1 hr limit for a team against that particular villain.
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