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  1. was expectin a reply like, "Meeowth! Thats right!!"
  2. Legendary Assassins of the Mist Exclusive Challenge the 4 most wanted criminals of the the PokeVerse (Pokemon Universe) A month long event with Four villains to defeat , each of them appearing per week with his/her havoc upon the lands of AFRO. Get your trainer gears and start hunting and challenging down the villains each week. All members of AFRO are eligible to challenge via whispering the Villains in game. Under no circumstances breeding or buying a Pokemon is allowed whether you're a Challenger or a Villain.(Its either OT or you are disqualified) No candidate (challenger/villain) will be permitted to use a bred Pokemon. The Pokemon caught by the challengers must be in the time period of the event. All pokes will be verified before the battle. All Pokemons should be leveled up to 40 and not more than that to participate in battle. Event Starts: August 1, 2019 <Thursday> Event Ends: August 29, 2019 <Thursday> Villains approaching - Announcement of winners and villains of the next month : August 29, 2019 <Thursday> For details of the Villains follow this link <here> Challenger Rules: Catch as many pokes as you like to choose from, for your 3 poke team to face a villain. You'll be allowed to challenge each villain a maximum of 3 times in case of failures. Changing of Pokémon is allowed before or after every battle if a challenger wishes to. Only moves learnt via leveling will be permitted. So you can’t use TMs, HMs or Tutors. Both the Villains and the Challengers are allowed any items* they wish to use on their pokes. Finally you will be scored based on your overall performance based on various factors**. Villain Rules: You will have plenty time ahead before the event to choose your team of 3 Pokémon but it has to be exposed to public at least 3 days prior to your appearance. You are not allowed to breed or buy pokes just like the challengers but will be allowed TMs, Tutor and HMs to make it challenging for the challengers. You are responsible to score each challenger you face and make a note on their individual skill sets based on the performance stats**. You are also allowed to give yourself a stage name for fun for dramatic reasons :D *Item Clause: No OP items as per official PvP || Sleep Clause: Not more than 1 poke can be in Sleep as per Official || Evasion Clause: No evasion increasing moves as per official. **Performance Stats to determine skill sets of an individual: Pokémon choice Move sets Play style or strategy Each above stat will be scored as Star points, with 0 Star being the lowest and 5 Star being the highest. A total of 15 points +5 Bonus points , making it 20 Star points can be earned against each Villains. Total Star points will be determined by totaling the average of 3 aforementioned stats and added bonus scored by an individual faced across all 4 bosses/villain. The top scoring players will have a chance to be the villain for the next month's trial.
  3. You have a good point. May be that's better.
  4. May be we need to work on the time thingy, or we cud make 1 villain appear per week and then set 1 hr limit for a team against that particular villain.
  5. You clearly didn't go through the lines and didn't open the link of the google sheet have you?
  6. only caught and leveled till 40. I mentioned no breed ^^
  7. nice noticing :P THanks for ur supp. Need more like u
  8. Its 11:15pm here. The dates gonna change soon in my time zone,, WHEN IS SINNOH!!!???
  9. The platinum is about to be included in the game bringing in the joy of a new region (Sinnoh) along with its Pokemons. We the members of AFRO decided to celebrate this grandeur in our own way by combining the aspects or PvE and PvP to bring together our friends in a very funny and unique event planned by us. Although its in alpha phase and will be going to the beta test after the 1st execution of the event we would like as many participants to join us (even if temporary) to make it more fun. Link to the event is below: The LAME Event The Event is mostly casual but will also challenge your Pokemon knowledge and hunting skills in order to emerge victorious. This was designed mainly to have a different approach in creating events based on skill2win rather than just pray2win like any other casual events like catching event or scavenger hunt. The challengers are not expected to have immense competitive mindset in order to participate but rather a trolling mindset to spend a quality time with your friends while learning something new about Pokemon. And yes, I have got this question a lot about the prize/rewards, but sorry to say I haven't come to a conclusion yet. That's mainly because I don't even know if this idea is gonna work in practical or not. As soon as we do the first trial of this and set up a solid rules & regulations for the event we can come up with appropriate rewarding system. For participating, post your IGN here.(along with ideas about making this event more fun if you have any) Example: Revato PS: Since this is an inbound event (Team Only), right now we are creating a star rewarding system to note down the players performances and will be honored in a Team Ladder System.
  10. Ahh,, you always give a detailed explanation to work on. Thanks again mate. ^^
  11. Thanks , your words were thoughtful and I appreciate u replied in a constructive way. I AM currently working on some of that as well as will work on the others in the future. Just a last thing to clarify: If we are doing tournament mode PvP then we are all balanced to level 50s. So, it has come to my notice that the bonus stat boost that an IV gives is in the ratio 2:1, i.e 26IV=+13 to ur overall stat|| 31IV=+15 and similarly from EV to stat its 8:1, i.e 252=+31|| 248=+31. Hence I can conclude that having 30 IV is same as 31 and 248 EV is same as 252 right?
  12. SAME,, if u find mine do inform :P
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