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  1. @EmoDuck congrats on the shiny swablu! It looks awesome c:
  2. Wow, congrats! I also found my first shiny 2 days ago c: And damn, I love it's colors :o
  3. Name: Kenaixx Team Tag: - Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Shiny Eevee Render (Optional): - Theme Colors: Up to you Type of Artwork: Signature Animated?: Would be lovely <3 Donation: 250k Take ur time, I will love it anyways o/
  4. In-Game Name : Kenaixx Nationality : Albania Picture Character : Played Hours : 79 c: Hobbies : Fitness, Cycling, Anime, Movies, Digimon, LoL Wishes : Become a staff :3 Favorite Pokemons : / Favorite Colors : Blue / Turquoise Favorite In-Game : Story, shiny hunting c: Favorite Animes : Koe no katachi (A Silent Voice) / Naruto Favorite Meals : Lasagna ^-^ Beside PokeMMO : League of Legends, Pokemon Tekken dx, LGE, Smash Ultimate and other Swtich games..
  5. Tbh I also think it's a good move, just hoping it will work out well with everything.
  6. Thanks guys! c: Yeah, SRIF, not gonna complain about that ^^
  7. Now before I post this, I already earned some hate because of this ingame, so please don't hate me. It's not up to me when the game decides to trigger the shiny odds. ._. Let me introduce you now to Mr. Golden Leaf's Bro xD It's insane finding my first 2 shinies in PokeMMO in a day, especially for a person like me who is never lucky with anything! :'D
  8. I'd like to introduce you guys to Mr. Golden Leaf c: He's my first shiny and I just caught him some minutes ago! ^-^ (my client is in german btw, the nature is adamant xd)
  9. I never believed I would ever try something out like this.. But I actually just did. And it was kinda deep and meaningful.. ~Thanks for that. <3
  10. so excited to see that dynamax raid system c:
  11. Im a new player but recently I finally finished unova, this guide would've helped me so much. ._. I wish I would've seen this before xD But nice work anyways. c:
  12. Hey, so I saw several shiny Haxorus in the gtl and the owners got them from a cave in unova at lv 30. I recently beat unova e4 and visited that cave, but the shiny Haxorus isn't there. Are there some conditions to fulfill first?
  13. I beat unova e4 yesterday too, I just got myself an Dragonite lv 55 from gts, that helped me out a lot. It also helped me with beating Ghetsis btw. c: If u still got struggles, you can do the same thing. o/
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