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  1. The best IVs in a wild mon that I captured since 2016 xD
  2. Luxurious Luxrays Vs Overheat Charmanders OU1: Azphiel vs WarwitoX - 100k OU2: Queest vs YEYOxD - 100k Doubles: Gasyflour vs imabetheverybest - 100k SWSHLC: urquidi vs huargensy - 100k Rare Rayquazas Vs The Legends Never Die - 1m Rayquazas - OU1: Darkquiler vs enchanteur - 100k - @Sebat- lost, paid OU2: Filantropia vs iMat - 100k - @Sebat- won, paid OU3: xWhinkz vs SnowOT - 100k - @Sebat- lost, paid UU: BartekDolar vs Arca - 100k - @Sebat- lost, paid Doubles: Zigh vs Sebat - 100k - @Sebat- lost, paid SWSHLC: AkaruKokuyo vs ElCoolio - 100k Munya's Mienfoos Vs The Scary Scraggys OU2: EEdays vs Stelian - 100k OU3: PedroLindoUnico vs Hernjet - 100k UU: skylux vs tMoi - 100k Doubles: MeetMew vs Mkns - 100k SWSHLC: Rigamorty vs Jaawaax - 100k void if sub/ dq / activity win / any weird stuff like that
  3. Munya's Mienfoos Vs Rare Rayquazas - 1m OU1: Havsha vs xWhinkz - 100k - @YJos- won, paid OU2: cjmystogan vs InuYashaL - 100k OU3: PedroLindoUnico vs DarkQuiler - 100k - @YJos- won, paid UU: skylux vs BartekDolar - 100k Doubles: EEdays vs Zigh - 100k - @YJos- won, paid SWSHLC: Rigamorty vs AkaruKokuyo - 100k The Legends Never Die Vs Luxurious Luxrays OU1: Enchanteur vs Azphiel - 100k Doubles: YJos vs Gasyflour - 100k - @YJos - won, paid SWSHLC: ElCoolio vs urquidi - 100k Overheat Charmanders Vs Tenacious Taillows OU1: YEYOxD vs QuinnW - 100k OU2: WarwitoX vs Gabuchox - 100k UU: Suneet vs YettoDie - 100k - @razimove - won, paid Void if sub, act win, dq or any weird thing like that.IGN NagaHex
  4. Im interested on 2012 mons but idk prices, can u tell me how much u want? and for chari/blastoise from NPC
  5. @DrakeHope remember pls say me who u choose to be our middleman, so I send the money before duels start
  6. np,choose one and tell me who I send the money to
  7. Tenacious Taillows () Vs The Legends Never Die () SWSHLC: Goldeneyes vs ElCoolio - @Sintatic- Win, paid Luxurious Luxrays () Vs Munya's Mienfoos () OU2: Queest vs PedroLindoUnico SWSHLC: Urquidi vs Rigamorty - @Sintatic- Lost, paid Rare Rayquazas () Vs The Scary Scraggys () OU1: xWhinkz vs AngelosRed - @Poufilou- Win, paid OU2: DarkQuiler vs Stelian - @Poufilou - Void (Sub) OU3: Filantropia vs Hernjet - @Poufilou- Lost, paid UU: BartekDolar vs tMoi - @Latiosrol- Win, paid Doubles: Zigh vs Mkns - @Poufilou- Lost, paid SWSHLC: AkaruKokuyo vs Jaawaax 100k each bet Void if sub, act win, dq or any weird thing like that. IGN NagaHex
  8. IGN: NagaHex Preferred Tiers: LC Dubs>LC UU>LC> Gen8 Competitive accolades: Dont have, Im a shiny hunter, 100% manco Discord contact: FaqGXI#7681 Fluff: I have a Cranidos with a red head for the blood of all their enemies. I came to live at the end of the world (no joke), my net conection are even more terrible than my LC level, so if u pick me remember this: Im a noob with bad internet and no much free time Least Preferred Potential Manager: I dont like a duermesiestas andalú
  9. Repel trick work with a fainted lead. No, repel trick work and u can see on that screenshoot.
  10. Spain won 5-3 the week even with Spain getting a dq after that, so I won the bet.
  11. GG, 4-3 so u owe me 500k Send me to mail pls, thanks for be our middleman, gg @RomanticAsuna
  12. Ok, I will send him my 5m, thanks and have a nice week!
  13. Because u dont know me and I dont know u. For me any bet over 1m need middleman, so any staff member can help. Maybe @xJoseee, its good for u?
  14. Team: SonsOfTheDeath Tag: HDLM Players: RealDevilLegend, Nagahex, DarkQuiler, JasonSparrowX, zMago, InuyashaL, AkaruKokuyo, JorgeFirebolt, Intimidoar, Corazones, Smbee, Neblinamist, Killuminatis, Uriincrdbl, DarkNightZz, Yaritan, Palmaker, Daveart, xEdstorm, Chiminapio Captain: Nagahex
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