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  1. Qwilfish n' Chips' (0) Vs Triple City (0) UU: pablobacas Vs Babylo NU: Cristi Vs Forfiter LC: Lotus Vs TheDH Dubs: Xebec Vs Mislandier - @Poufilou UU: Stelian Vs DoubleJ OU: Stelian Vs Queest - @Moi Roy Rogers Hooligans (0) Vs The Eden of Hazard's (0) OU: MadaraSixSix Vs Poseidonwrath - @hannahtaylor OU: Endiii Vs RealDevilLegend UU: TohnR Vs Elvessss - @Latiosrol NU: Waaynee Vs SweetForU LC: ItsGray Vs Warwitox Doubles: Titooo Vs Nagahex OU: KaynineXL Vs xxxHan - @hannahtaylor UU: Wallaro Vs Woxiangsinile - @Latiosrol The Evil Devilbats (0) Vs Mienfoo Fighters (0) OU: Juanchoqui Vs Lunarck - @Sebat OU: Juanchoqui Vs Lunarck - @Sebat UU: Umbramol Vs YEYOxD - @hannahtaylor NU: Kriliin Vs xxLazaro/Lachidrago Dubs: Gasyflour Vs JeanMarcH LC: Cali Vs Hernjet - @Lunarck NU: Zhiko Vs Wickedwanga Dubs: Gabuchox Vs EYL The Mismagicians (0) Vs The Primal Primeapes (0) OU: Latios Vs Tawla UU: Frags Vs Huargensy NU: Sejuani Vs Tawla - @Moi LC: Kiiritox Vs DarkQuiler Dubs: Enchanteur Vs Akarukokuyo OU: Arca Vs Leotsb/Quiezy 500k on The Eden of Hazards won (Void if tie) (Just can take before first duel of Eden vs Roy) 200k on each betVoid if sub, act win, dq or any things like that
  2. So, resources: Cash (a little, less than needed to breed a comp team), easy to get from candies farm. Info, easy to get just writing "pokemmo halloween pumpking boss" (Yes, just need know how to use google). Time, aprox 10/15mins each fight against the boss? 20 maybe? Dont remember exactly, but Im 100% sure if u search a little still can find some replays. In this point sound like: if a player dont farm its just because he dont want farm. Come on, obviously a new player dont get same profit that a old player who grind cash for years, idk what is the point here. "If u play since 2012 u got more profit" ye, and play more and farm more too, yes. The pumpkin on 2021 felt like the new year 2021 boss, more like a punching bag haha
  3. All "new players" had resources to farm the pumpkin, this year we just need two mons to beat it. How much cash u can waste to breed 2 mons? 600k, 700k? Or even if new players didnt breed, just with complete all regions u have a couple millions, enought to buy 2 lvl 100 mons and go farm. A new guy complete all regions and drop the cash? Dont worry, go farm candies from kids and get 1 o 2m to buy mons ez Xmas and New year event are free, dont need any investment and its easy grind cash, on last new year event any new player could go to event, farm and buy a GDM with a couple runs. If a new player have luck and casually start in pokemmo a couple weeks before halloween event, he can get A LOT of cash in a super fast way. If a new player start after new year event, well, gl with gims runs.
  4. Qwilfish n' Chips' (0) Vs The Mismagicians (0) OU: kiwikidd Vs latios OU: Stelian Vs Facursa Dubs: Xebec Vs ShanQi NU: pablobacas Vs Sejuani Roy Rogers Hooligans (0) Vs Triple City (0) OU: MadaraSixSix Vs Azphiel UU: Wallarro Vs Loveyun NU: ChronoRike Vs tMoi - @Quinn010 - lost, paid LC: Mendeez Vs Queest - @xWhinkZ - won, paid UU: TohnR Vs QuinnW - @Quinn010 - lost, paid Dubs: KaynineXL Vs Mislandier The Evil Devilbats (0) Vs The Eden of Hazard's (0) OU: Zhiko Vs Jaawax - @Sebat - lost, paid OU: Juanchoqui Vs PoseidonWrath - @Sebat - won, paid UU: CarolML Vs RealDevilLegend - @Sebat - won, paid NU: MexiDany Vs zMauri - @Sebat - won, paid LC: Cali Vs Warwitox - @Sebat - won, paid DB: Gasyflour Vs PoseidonWrath - @Sebat - lost, paid DB: Gabuchox Vs NagaHex - @Sebat - won, paid OU: Zhiko Vs Elvessss - @Sebat - lost, paid Mienfoo Fighters (0) Vs The Primal Primeapes (0) OU: Lunarck Vs Bund UU: YEYOxD Vs Huargensy - @Imperial - void, sub Huar NU: xHidden/xLuneth Vs Tawla Dubs: JeanMarch Vs AkaruKokuyo - @Imperial - won, paid LC: Hernjet Vs DarkQuiler UU: Mlhawk Vs Huargensy 500k on The Eden of Hazards won - @Poufilou - won, paid200k on each betVoid if sub, act win, dq or any things like that
  5. take Mislandier, TheDH, Gasyflour, Yeyo y Lotus
  6. Triple City (0) Vs The Mismagicians (0) OU: loveyun Vs Enchanteur - @YJos - lost, paid UU: QuinnW Vs Arca NU: tmoi Vs Frags Dubs: Mislandier Vs iMat LC: TheDH Vs YettoDie Roy Rogers Hooligans (0) Vs The Evil Devilbats (0) OU: Endiii Vs Zhiko UU: TohnR Vs Umbramol NU: ChronoRike Vs Zhiko LC: ItsGray Vs Cali Dubs: Killua Vs Gasyflour NU: Madara Vs MexiDany The Primal Primeapes (0) Vs The Eden of Hazard's (0) OU: Quitezy/Leotsb Vs PoseidonWrath OU: zKuroko Vs CristhianArce - @Latiosrol - lost, paid UU: Huargensy Vs RealDevilLegend - @Latiosrol - void NU: Tawla Vs woxiangsinile - @YJos - lost, paid Dubs: Akarukokuyo Vs Nagahex - @Latiosrol - won, paid LC: DarkQuiler Vs Warwitox OU: JorgeFireBolt Vs Jaawax NU: Axellgor Vs SweetForU Mienfoo Fighters (0) Vs Qwilfish n' Chips' (0) OU: Lachidrago/xxLazaro Vs Kiwikidd UU: xMikasaAckerman Vs zAnderson NU: YEYOxD Vs Cristi Dubs: JeanMarcH Vs GodXebec - @YJos - won, paid LC: Hernjet Vs Lotus UU: YEYOxD Vs ShellUny UU: IYaseer Vs Pablobacas 500k on The Eden of Hazards won200k on each betVoid if sub, act win, dq or any things like that
  7. If are shinies the breed gets "Unknown OT", if are normal mons get your OT with * like "NagaHex*"
  8. Yep, u just need ditto if (for example) u have a male charmander. U dont wanna use a female charizard to keep your ot, so then ye its better a ditto, but on cheap shinies ye its better get a female of their evolution tree. Anyways, if u still feel insecure about this (absolutly understable) u can go to breeding house, talk with the old man and put both shinies like if u wanna breed, so u can see a preview of the shiny. On their info u can see if he keep your OT or not. In this picture u can see a preview, male Rapidash with my OT and a female Rapidash without my OT, Ponyta will keep my OT.
  9. Hi, I have a lot of experience breeding shinies, and the first thing you have to know is that: When you breed shinies the probability of inheriting a minimum IV does not exist. The breed just can take medium IV or max IV. I don't really know the exact number, but there is a very high probability of inheriting maximums, maybe any other player can help us with the exact number in this probability. This can help u to knew, for examplo, if u have a shiny with 15 HP and a breed with 25, your shiny will take 20 or 25, and if u have another to breed it again with 30 HP your shiny can take 25 in the worst case, 27 or 30, all this without breeding items. About the price, It depends on how rushed you are to finish and the breeds you get on trade / gtl, egg group, if u want eggmoves, things like that. If u have time and no rush, just try to snipe good breeds with 2 / 3 x25 to start. If u have male shinies just remember u dont need dittos 100%, u can breed with mons in the same evolutive family (if u have a male ralts with OT and breed with a female ralts/kirlia/garde without OT the shiny will keep your OT) Good luck and I hope u got all max IVs on your breeding!
  10. Roy Rogers Hooligans (0) Vs The Mismagicians (0) OU: MadaraSixSix Vs Frags OU: Endiii Vs Enchanteur UU: Mendez Vs Arca - @MendeeZ - won NU: MadaraSixSix Vs Sejuani NU: Chrono Vs Zymogen The Primal Primeapes (0) Vs The Evil Devilbats (0) UU: Huargensy Vs CarolML NU: Tawla Vs Kriilin - @Sebat - won, paid LC: DarkQuiler Vs Cali - @Sebat - lost, paid Dubs: AkaruKokuyo Vs GabuchoX - @Sebat - won, paid OU: JorgeFireBolt Vs ZacM - @Sebat - lost, paid Qwilfish n' Chips' (0) Vs The Eden of Hazard's (0) OU: kiwikidd Vs SweetForU OU: Pablobacas Vs CristhianArce - @Endirei - lost, paid UU: ShellUny Vs xxxHan - @Latiosrol - lost, paid NU: Pablobacas Vs zMauri - @Endirei - lost, paid LC: Lotus Vs Warwitox Dubs: GodXebec Vs NagaHex - @Endirei- won, paid Dubs: Badbaarsito Vs RealDevilLegend OU: Stelian Vs PoseidonWrath Mienfoo Fighters (0) Vs Triple City (0) OU: Fibraxxxx Vs Azphiel OU: Lunarck Vs EVLGOON - @Quinn010 - won UU: YEYOxD Vs Loveyun NU: Lachidrago Vs Forfiter LC: Hernjet Vs TheDH Dubs: JeanMarcH Vs Fengrinrin OU: Aloned/xLuneth/xHidden Vs Queest 500k on The Eden of Hazards won 200k on each bet Void if sub, act win, dq or any things like that
  11. na, I dont care about that duel and maybe Im wrong. if u want take that 200k
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