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  1. 100% recomended! Incredibly fast, well disposed and with good ideas. I love the style of these sigs!
  2. I ignore u for one day? Wow, when u think stop lying? U write me at 4am and want a fast reply? I reply your msg when I see, give u a time to play and u say "No" hours later. I wait in case u wanted give me another schedule and how u didnt, I write u. U accept play and after that want dodge me. Yea, I already expected something like that. What about a player who dont appear on deadline? Dont worry, gave him an extension. What about a manager who dont sub his player on a right time? Dont worry, gave him an extension. U said I dont do all posible to play, I reply the Kamimi`s msg when I see, and he reply hours later he cant because he sleep. I wait for if he want tell me another date/time, and how he dont write me, I msg him, explicitly saying "JUST REMEMBER THE DEADLINE". I wait HOURS for him today, and I dont do all posible to play? Ok, u actually do exactly what all was expected of u @gbwead. "...at the end of the day he is sia and kami is sia. I think there were similar situations in previous psls with him which is why no ones really thrilled that he’s hosting but it is what it is..." My situation dont change, I can play Saturday or Sunday, Saturday 10 - 20hs GMT -3, and Sunday 10hs - deadline. But dont worry @Kami , if u want dodge me another week Gb can gave u another extension. U are a sad person who want trashtalk random people because its the only way u want feel important. U have my disponibilities, write me when u want, all another msgs just be ignored like a random sad bully kid words.
  3. We never agreed to play after the deadline. I'm waiting for hours and you don't show up, and now you publish that we play in two hours? I explicitly told you "just remember the deadline". After all hate and trashtalk u send me, saying Im an animal, a dog and a lot of shits like that, after all that u dont appear? Wow, I know im do a bad season, but I was never afraid of an opponent.
  4. The Soaring Staraptors Vs The Pretentious Pachirisus UUx2: Cristi vs JasonSparrowX - 100 / 300k NUx2: Samehada vs Getovaherez - 100 / 300k Frag Squad Vs Delicious Donphan's UUx2: Zhiko vs Umbramol - 100 / 300k Dubsx2: Titoooo vs Lluvvia - 100 / 300k The Knights of Corviknight Vs The Squirtle Crew OUx2: kiwikidd vs Bluebreath - 100 / 300k For all duels (x2), so if u take any of this bets tell if want both games or only one.Void if sub or activity win
  5. The Pretentious Pachirisus Vs Eternatus' Pain Dubsx2: Nagahex (0) vs Leviatharian (0) First duel in 5
  6. The Soaring Staraptors Vs The Knights of Corviknight OUx2: CamilaKawaiiChan vs Kiwikidd - 100/300k NUx2: xShandow vs SweeTforU - 100/300k No Shaymin Losing Vs Delicious Donphan's LC: Elcoolio vs Lazaaro - 100k - @FNTCZ (Math subbed Elcoolio) Dubsx2: Kepzal vs Lluvvia - 100 - @Sebatx2 Frag Squad Vs The Squirtle Crew OU: Frags vs Bluebreath - 100k Dubsx2: Titoooo vs Zigh - 300k - @Sebatx2 For all duels (x2), so if u take any of this bets tell if want both games or only one. Void if sub
  7. The Pretentious Pachirisus (0) Vs Delicious Donphan's (0) Dubsx2: Nagahex (0) vs Lluvvia (0) In 10 mins Edit: LLuvvia won 2-0
  8. Completely logical and rational analysis, great video, like and sub. U are the english speaking Walerito.
  9. Yes, I know your case was different, but I was not referring to you, only to other players who decided to leave the tour on their own. Im only continued the joke with Julian
  10. Why should he return donations? Enchanteur won the tour, if some players left the tour its their choice.
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