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  1. Thanks all for playing! https://challonge.com/es/vgc0407 First Place Aerun Second Place Mkns Third Place Zigh
  2. Gastrodon Rotom-Wash Pelipper Toxicroak Ludicolo Metagross Metagross Rotom-Wash Tauros Volcarona Froslass Amoongus
  3. @JosueFeng @PoseidonWrath @Supermann @GasaiYunoSan @Zigh @KokenoCastro @Parke @SweeTforU @iJulian @NewBlackRadja @Quilerr @gbwead @MknsZblex Please edit your sign up.
  4. Chastiefold: Slowbro Mandibuzz Jolteon Conkeldurr Togekiss y Hydreigon GabyPinkWings: Torkoal Lilligant Scizor Kingdra Togekiss y Garchomp Personajexx: Rotom-Wash, Chandelure, Metagross, Hitmontop, Togekiss y Garchomp Kepzal: Rotom-Heat, Gliscor, Whimsicott, Kingdra, Porygon2, Snorlax
  5. Details: Doubles 4vs4 Tier / format: VGC BO3 each round Clauses: Unique Species / Unique Item RULES VGC [IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ] Date and Time Saturday 04/07 | Time 09PM GMT Time Converter Register Registrations are open from now until one hour before the tournament. You must submit your Pokémon team in this post, whitout items. You must register your team with Pokémon and items by mail to a host and you cannot change teams during the entire tournament. Location Trainer Hill Ch1 - Hoenn First Place 5M Second Place 1M Third Place 500k Host : NagaHex (FaqGXI#7681 Discord) Sign ups:
  6. Its a great idea, they can use the leaderboard to set divisions. Maybe u can make a suggestion with this idea? Im sure can take a lot of thumbs up, but idk if the staff want do anyway, that requier a lot of work.
  7. Im not fail on that sign up, just your personal problems with guys on hdlm make u take a ridiculous desicion that day. 3 years and one fail (this) and that Einstein tour with u like a host and "hdlm always had troubles...", nice hahaha... We still remember Einstein telling u to sign up us on bracket and u "no, Im host Im do what I want" xDD Gl to all teams in this TT!
  8. IGN NagaHex Abomasnow Reuniclus Garchomp Togekiss Blastoise Whimsicott
  9. which starter u want? and where are u ingame?
  10. Well, canceled due to lack of interested players
  11. Is just to show allowed mons, u can breed it like u want.
  12. Signs up until one hour before tournament.
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