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  1. I just want tell this: I did not know that we could choose chess or I would have tried before xD
  2. Yep, a 2x31 4x25 with nature can be a great last breed because shinys just take medium/max IVs, never minimum. Maybe this same suggestion, but only for no-shinys rewards?
  3. I want buy all your ditto boxes, IGN NagaHex or FaqGXI#7681 on discord.
  4. NagaX

    IV Switcher

    As a shiny breeder, no. Isnt a good idea. If u want a shiny Reuniclus and catch a 31 atk search another, use a 31 spatk breed or use that Reuniclus like breed for some other shiny. Shiny breeding its perfect rn, and the medium/max iv boost when breed shinys its the only help we need.
  5. Gbwead Gibles champion PSL XIII pls
  6. Ban serene grace on togekiss and dragon dance on gyarados
  7. Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Team Tag: HDLM Registered Players: RealDevilLegend, Nagahex, zMago, InuyashaL, Navetas, Makx, Wrathend, AaronRC, AkaruKokuyo, Neblinamist, Smbee, AurumPegasus, Zenenn, JorgeFirebolt Team Captain: NagaHex
  8. Im in, thanks for invite! (Im not "NagaHex" in forums, I lost access on that acc)
  9. NagaX


    Felicitaciones, la verdad que es un esfuerzo grande el que hiciste para tener todos los EO, realmente debe ser un trabajo bastante largo. Aun asi te faltan al menos 3 EO para completar la pokedex del todo (Digo al menos porque no se si a mi tambien me faltan mas, no estoy seguro), realmente no se cuales son pero espero que logres completarla al 100%, si por ahi te falta alguno y no sabes cual es avisa, supongo que tendras que ponerte a revisar numero por numero. Suerte!
  10. Thanks all for playing! https://challonge.com/es/vgc0407 First Place Aerun Second Place Mkns Third Place Zigh
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