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  1. War of Pacific vs Pacos Fighter We dont announce here due a confusion between teams, they thought we would advertise and we thought they would. I won But due we dont announce if we need rematch tell us so we play tomorrow.
  2. Great event, was really fun and with the leaderboard addition was REALLY interesting. I think like Dontea, that so long time on runs was a big filter to common players. That about boss dificult was like "well, we need defeat that round, because againts boss we only need a toxic user and drop their attack to -6". Isnt like a "BOSS", it feel more like free points, some rounds like dogs (omg I hate Snubull) was so much hard, at least for me and my teammates. Thanks @Donteaand @calidubstep, maybe u dont know how much u helped us letting know about get more and more and more score was possible, o
  3. CaptnBaklava didnt come, so maybe we play later or tomorrow, idk.
  4. Today 13hs GMT -3 vs CaptnBaklava Today 15hs GMT -3 vs Sebat
  5. I want buy a ghost costume. If u have one and want sell pls whisp me ingame with your price, IGN NagaHex
  6. Team Name: SonsOfTheDeath Team Tag: HDLM Players: RealDevilLegend, AkaruKokuyo, NagaHex, zMago, Killuminatis, JasonSparrowX, Zenenn, Makx, DarkQuiler, smbee, miguelrival, TojoYoyo, aspacee, xJoseee, neblinamist Captain: RealDevilLegend
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