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  1. Main alt? LussyNL, Jonulo is just another alt xD
  2. Te confundiste a la hora de mirar los puntajes, llegas solo a 167 puntos. El bonus de natu para Corpish es solo con natu jolly, la natu adamant es bonus para Marrill.
  3. Thanks! I dont expected to be invited, so thanks, I like play doubles, and fight against good players are always a nice idea.
  4. enhanced-23422-1458171938-1.jpg?downsize


    Mira en donde te encuentro ?)



    1. NagaX


      Hola, quien sos? xD

  6. Nop. Again, fight against u or against any player of your team is exactly the same thing. We wait to rey AxL can play, he cant then we make a sub. Ok, u really think we try dodging u, but again we dont. If u are still think that, im sorry, i cant say that more clearly. We dont try dodge u, u are one more on a great team, one player more on a team with great players. Play against u or against another player of your team its exactly the same thing. Only think we try its make AxL play. I dont pressure u, in any way. I just misunderstood what we had agreed, I thought you agreed with what we said in the chat. When I see u dont come and your teammates tell me u cant that time, I just say exactly (and u can see on logs) "Sebat, pls tell Hopy write me on DC when he can". U say "You try win for inactivity", I just try defend myself against that nonsense. Again, why they dont make a sub on time? Before the deadline? Why try wait after deadline and start this drama? Its so muuuch more easy make a sub on time and fight, exactly like we did.
  7. Idk, what stopping they make a sub monday morning before the deadline? Go ahead what? I try say I understand on our chat u agreed to fight that date and time what I say. Clearly I did not understand u, then (again) I talk with your teammates (not mine, not host), I just edit the post, wait for u and we play. I really dont see how that is "try the inactivity win". U keep throwing insults, as if it harms someone. We try play before the deadline, against u or any player of your team, is exactly the same thing.
  8. Kepzal should be sleeping too, and we try he wake up and come to game to play. Its easy, u cant fight BEFORE the deadline? Make a sub. And srlsy, you know (like everyone else) the electrical problems that went beyond normal, using that to pretend that AxL is afraid of you is really fun. I think yeah, I think we play saturday 17hs UTC or I think play Sunday 22hs or I think play Monday 05hs. Come on, I have the logs too, dont try intimidate bro, u cant. I personally spam dc of Kepzal for the fight, I personally spaaaaaaam them to wake up and come to fight. I try he play on sub of AxL, if that is "are afraid", i really dont understand.
  9. I had to do? Nice try, but no. I post because i think u are on any alt or any like that. When u don t come, I ask TWO of your teammates, and when they said u cant in that time (THAT WE HAD PREVIUSLY AGREED), I just edit the post, wait for u and fight. If for u that is "Try win for inactivity", u have several problems. I never complain to a host, I never complain to my manager at all. Just edit the post and wait. You act as if we were afraid of you, or as if you were a great player. Wake up, you're one more, play vs Julian or play against any of your team is exactly the same.
  10. I try win for inactivity??? U forgot I just edit the post, wait for u and fight? I can understand u are mad for this, but cant understand if u are say silly stuff. If you just want to insult everyone because you just do not have a reason, it's your problem, say whatever you want, it does not change the fact that you're not right. Because nobody know how much time AxL cant login. All us are waiting for him, but when was clearly he dont come, we make a sub.
  11. Substitutions exist for a reason. Axl did not show up for a force majeure, BEFORE the deadline. We found out and although it did not suit us either, the substitution was made BEFORE the deadline. If Julian can not play, or they make a substitution and the fight is made, or it is not done and they do not cry. It is easy. You are looking to reverse the situation because Julian could not fight after the time they supposedly agreed, but if I remember correctly u had other players who could take their place, as Kepzal did in our case. Next time make a subs, the fight is made and it ends without so much drama.
  12. SM OU: kamimii vs Havsha 100k (Bet of @mackx, I just post for him)
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