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  1. Thanks! I dont expected to be invited, so thanks, I like play doubles, and fight against good players are always a nice idea.
  2. enhanced-23422-1458171938-1.jpg?downsize


    Mira en donde te encuentro ?)



    1. NagaX


      Hola, quien sos? xD

  3. The Raging Noctowls Vs Krafty Krooks LC: OscarFail vs NagaHex In 10mins
  4. Krafty Krooks (2) Vs Spared No Expense (2) LC: NagaHex vs isperea After Killuminatis vs LuisAnderson
  5. GG Suneet and gratz Bouffants for win the week.
  7. ??? I just try say why we wait before the sub, if u still want think whatever u want, do it... U put me "in same boat" only because I think different than you? That say more about u than about me. I said what I thought in a calm way and without disrespect or belittle anyone. If you want to think that I am a shit or whatever you think, go ahead, there is no problem, I will keep my line of not generating a meaningless discussion.
  8. Nop. Again, fight against u or against any player of your team is exactly the same thing. We wait to rey AxL can play, he cant then we make a sub. Ok, u really think we try dodging u, but again we dont. If u are still think that, im sorry, i cant say that more clearly. We dont try dodge u, u are one more on a great team, one player more on a team with great players. Play against u or against another player of your team its exactly the same thing. Only think we try its make AxL play. I dont pressure u, in any way. I just misunderstood what we had agreed, I thought you agreed with what we said in the chat. When I see u dont come and your teammates tell me u cant that time, I just say exactly (and u can see on logs) "Sebat, pls tell Hopy write me on DC when he can". U say "You try win for inactivity", I just try defend myself against that nonsense. Again, why they dont make a sub on time? Before the deadline? Why try wait after deadline and start this drama? Its so muuuch more easy make a sub on time and fight, exactly like we did.
  9. Idk, what stopping they make a sub monday morning before the deadline? Go ahead what? I try say I understand on our chat u agreed to fight that date and time what I say. Clearly I did not understand u, then (again) I talk with your teammates (not mine, not host), I just edit the post, wait for u and we play. I really dont see how that is "try the inactivity win". U keep throwing insults, as if it harms someone. We try play before the deadline, against u or any player of your team, is exactly the same thing.
  10. Kepzal should be sleeping too, and we try he wake up and come to game to play. Its easy, u cant fight BEFORE the deadline? Make a sub. And srlsy, you know (like everyone else) the electrical problems that went beyond normal, using that to pretend that AxL is afraid of you is really fun. I think yeah, I think we play saturday 17hs UTC or I think play Sunday 22hs or I think play Monday 05hs. Come on, I have the logs too, dont try intimidate bro, u cant. I personally spam dc of Kepzal for the fight, I personally spaaaaaaam them to wake up and come to fight. I try he play on sub of AxL, if that is "are afraid", i really dont understand.
  11. I had to do? Nice try, but no. I post because i think u are on any alt or any like that. When u don t come, I ask TWO of your teammates, and when they said u cant in that time (THAT WE HAD PREVIUSLY AGREED), I just edit the post, wait for u and fight. If for u that is "Try win for inactivity", u have several problems. I never complain to a host, I never complain to my manager at all. Just edit the post and wait. You act as if we were afraid of you, or as if you were a great player. Wake up, you're one more, play vs Julian or play against any of your team is exactly the same.
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