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  1. Maybe I'm being too naive, tho. I think that it could be a possibility as how many time we've spend talking around this two things. "SoonTM" means both Sinnoh and Dungeons to me, and I don't think that it would be too imposible to se both things at the same time as they're both supossed priorities right now.
  2. Can't be sure but I've always had the impression that everything is coming out at the same time tho
  3. Thing I've got with this suggestion of the suggestion was that I wasn't happy with the idea cos it would destroy the idea of dungeons, which is, as devs said and I think it is great: make PvE and parties important. If the drop rate is that slow it would still working, needing to make them multiple times to get the HA in one way or another, and also bringing a new expensive GTL item to the game, which means more needing of farming money. I'd upvotes this if it were a new topic suggestion. But I think that we should suggest it when dungeons are out. Keeping this in mind for the future!
  4. SoloReprise

    Atm card

    Why would u need money from GTL if u are away from a computer tho?
  5. As I said, data here is mere expeculation. Maybe that 10th money boost might be 100M instead of 10. With this numbers your team would need to reunite around 250M to have all money boosts. Maybe even that seems a low prize to pay. Maybe the percentages here exposed are too high. I really didn't made the maths, just wanted to make the example and obviously it needs more than a look to see this implemented. Also, I think that it could have more money needs to upgrade the boosts and maybe even boosts can be tournament prizes so competitive but small teams would be able to reach them in another ways.
  6. I think that if the boosts aren't too high and they also aren't too easily to get them they could be indefinite. But hey, I'm opened to change the suggestion if devs come here and they accept something alike to Make The Guilds Great Again.
  7. So, if you had 30h to read all I wrote on my another suggestion, which I still defending and now it even has a tl;dr, you'll know that I can be very nuisance with making the things we've already have what I think is "better". Better. Better. One of the things that annoys me more is that there's a lot of people that ask all the time: "What are the benefits to be in a Team?" and we can only say... Well, none. Maybe you can say that having a private chat is a benefit, but I don't think that it's a great one. It's nice, yeah, but it's not defining. Some of the stuff I'm going to say here are not new, and that's why I don't need to re-explain what a "Guild bank" is. Here are some examples of people asking the same as I'm suggesting here, with some differences: Where I differ with this suggestions is with whose will be the meaning of the team bank: I don't think it should be a bank for pokemon or items, as we've already have the GTL for this, but it should be a bank for money. And only money. And here's where the second part of my suggestion comes: What we do with that money? Well, we'll boost two things: the money we receive from NPCs and the experience we recieve on battling. This can sound BIG, but I don't think that it should have a big porcentage of boosting. Let's say, for example, that this are the costs and boosts: Money boost Experience boost 1 +0.2% 50.000$ 1 +0.5% 50.000$ 2 +0.5% 150.000$ 2 +1.2% 100.000$ 3 +1% 350.000$ 3 +2% 250.000$ 4 +1.5% 500.000$ 4 +2.7% 400.000$ 5 +2% 1.000.000$ 5 +3.5% 550.000$ 6 +2.5% 1.750.000$ 6 +4.2% 700.000$ 7 +3% 2.500.000$ 7 +5% 1.000.000$ 8 +3.5% 4.000.000$ 8 +5.7% 2.000.000$ 9 +4% 6.000.000$ 9 +6.5% 3.500.000$ 10 +5% 10.000.000$ 10 +8% 5.000.000$ Prizes are orientative, and this is taking for example that I don't have too much money, so u may think I'm pointing low. Also, the boost is not accumulable: After "buying" boost nº2, boost nº1 will dissappear. I think that making guild members put lots of money in your guild will also help economy, but maybe not. I'm here to discuss! tl;dr: Guild bank for money. Money and experience boosts to guild members payed with guild's money.
  8. I really don't like this... Okay, I'll have no problem if it gets implemented, but I think it's a little bit against the spirit of the GTL, where u check and u just buy the cheapest poke/object that you're looking for. Maybe I'm seeing wrong and it would still happening as now, and this is something that big-breeders wants to sell their "quality-products" in a fast way. If it's the second thing, let me now and well, sure, I'll upvote this.
  9. Yep, what they said. I recommend u to give a try to @Akshit's Simple EV Training & Leveling Guide Using Horde. This guide points out places with near Pokecenters to make the EV Training less tedious.
  10. Last week I went to see John Wick 3. Here's a way to pay respects. PS. I would love to give a try to make some team logos. If any team is interested it will be totally free. Really, I just want to make some stuff! Same with signatures! Desperate message here.
  11. But... Gym leaders already change their teams and is not always the same. It has been checked out by @RedactedColour at his Gym Leader Rematches Guides. Gym Leaders have five teams each. E4 have about 10 teams each. So... They need more than those teams? I really don't get it.
  12. I'm not tho. Just making an esquematic way to center the topic of this thing as I think that some interesting things showed up. I know I have no power. Sorry if it seemed that way! Also, maybe I'm too old to enter on a forum-slight-trade. Also (2), I'm with them in this, sorry. You're not really open to criticism and you were the first one on changing subjects.
  13. Okay, I think that I'm understanding your proposal now. That "League of Legends" stuff got me confused. I think that the game should have some original content as I stated on one of my suggestions, but I don't think that this would bring something really astounding or even nice. We've already have the possibility to rematch gym battles, doing again E4... I can't understand why battling famous anime trainers would bring something explendid. As far as I know, we already have the opportunity to beat some anime characters as Misty or Brock, and it doesn't change our experience or make it richer.
  14. Okay, so you're arguing about who's more toxic, if op, Team Lava or whatever who came here to talk. Maybe you should do a new topic, cos there's a nice proposal here and it's being forgotten. Now, translating and resuming the proposals and the debates around your flood, I'd say there are this topics around the table: As @Bearminator stated, we've got announcements about catching events using the announce system of the game. I've never saw them, but maybe they're there and I was just not looking well. If this pointed here is a fact, then the suggestion should be closed as the announcements already exist. Some users have pointed out that besides forums, we can see events announced at Discord. So maybe those who don't have discord should do it. There's something that sprouted on this topic that could be a good alternative suggestion. Maybe a new topic should be done to what @razimove proposed: An online calendar as the one we have at Google Calendars where people would be able to see all the events of the week/month.
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