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  1. You got me there. You have my sword. Right now, I'm only login in to play some casual pvp. Tbh, I'd also will thank something else to do.
  2. Tbh, at this point with so many hours of gaming, Sinnoh is a fresh start to me and some of my friends. A way to have something to play for. Also, I want a Gastrodon. Of course, I want dungeons! But I can't get why there are so many negativeness here on this topic. For sure, we already know how to wait.
  3. can you farm amulet coins with this method?
  4. Yeah, this is possitive tho. Thinking bout if it's or it's not difficult to farm amulets. Only one I've got was bought at the GTL.
  5. I don't know how the amulet coin thing is gonna work once I'm playing but... Seems that farming gyms is going to be too different now.
  6. I really need this. Please @Bestfriends get this done.
  7. Where exactly? Not a fan of post-story gaming, so I'm only breeding and farming gyms rn. This two could be an option. I'll keep it in mind. How Vermillion City is a place to double pvp?
  8. I think this will need more burocracy than asking bout a fixed position to do so. Still ongoing with my first suggestion. But thanks for coming to this post!
  9. So, as there's not yet PvP on doubles teams, is there any way to try out doubles partners? I don't wanna level them up until level 100 to use them against gym leaders.
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