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  1. I understand that but what's then even the point of being able to use your pokemon from other regions. If someone IS going to use them, they clearly wanna rush through the story. I know it sound really whiney and all but if Raichu4you wasn't here to help.. It would've taken a really long time for me to beat that gym.. :/
  2. I'll be sure to do that! It's really sad that this level cap is a thing.. if someone would be in the same position as me I'm sure it would've taken him ages. Why is there even a cap in the first place it's not like that in the original games
  3. I was in the Hoenn region and my pokemon we're low level... So i went to Kanto, I used one of my higher Pokémon as a leash and I started leveling.. I didn't pay attention and accidentally overleveled them (had max lvl 44 and now they're 46.) There's now no way that I can beat the gyms now with the Pokemon I have, so I'm kinda stuck... Is there a way to get my Pokemon back to level 44?
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