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  1. Well, it took me 4 days for all 4 ( one being an evolution), but well, it was over 15 hours a day, walking / surfing on the exact tile where the chosen pheno spawns and repeat this til a catch. Alright, Glad I'm done with this, gl to everyone who's in willing to get them :)
  2. For each pheno I find I shout it on global, local, guild and here :) But I'll soon be done as I only miss alomomola now.
  3. Emolga road 6 rn or audino depends
  5. Hey, is that your ign or you just tagged a friend who's lf those?
  6. Thanks for those informations @MightyBoxer, it sure helps a lot, amazing work :)
  7. Hello guys and girls, as said in the title, I'm looking for players who wanna complete their pokedex. So I'm trying to get an audino, emolga, alomomola, since couple days now. I Finally got my ducklett on the 4th shadow. Thanks to this guide ( thank you so much to those who spent some of their time working on this) we got a good number of known phenomenon spots, which will help a lot. As phenomenon case stays up only 10mins before vanishing, and as it's quite hard to cover like only 1/3 of the interesting spots meanwhile, I think it would be great to join our strengths to cover as much spots possible between each rotation, which would increase a lot everyone's chance to get those. Of course if one of us find a phenomenon whil covering his/ her spots, we just post it there asap so everyone can benefit from it. Lemme know if someone is interested, the more we can be, the easiest it would be. My IGN : ShadoOow /w me, or leave your tag there so we can add each others to be more efficient. Also, not a must have, but that's cool to discord chat while hunting : ShAdOw#8207 Best regards
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