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  1. Lactosoid vs Badbaasito in a custom doubles duel this saturday 3PM gmt-6 We decided to make this duel with special rules. We make a 8 mons mini draft taking only pokemon from Never Used and Untiered. I will share both draft teams, Lactosoid list Badbaar list 1.-Gothithelle Beheeyem 2.-Crawdawnt Hitmontop 3.-Hariyama Gallade 4.-Ludicolo Vanilluxe 5.-manectric Musharna 6.-toxicroak Braviary 7.-Parasect Amoongus 8.-abomasnow Stantler We are gonna make a team for this saturday with those pokemon.
  2. IGN: Badbaarsito Preferred tier: All the tiers of Lc but mainly Dubs lc and Nu lc Competitive accolades: Already won 2 PSL in a row (XII & XIII) and well This kind of tournaments it's where I belong. Discord: Badbaar#2387 Fluff: Team me up with @MaatthewMLGand we are gonna do tutorials of how to make good teams in 10 minutes or less. @Akaruyo se la come Preferred: Shiny cofagrigus (Y) Tailoooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww & baguette Least Preferred Potential Manager: The ones who don't take this one seriously
  3. We didn'tgot drama this year. Next year maybe we are gonna do a better run.
  4. This is me when I notice I'm on over used. Ok
  5. In-Game Name: badbaarsito Country: México Preferred Tiers: Doubles, Little Cup, Never Used, Under Used. Personal Note: I collect big events championship banners. I'm the lucky charm (Scout scout scout scout scout scout) & I'm like chicharito. I post chicharito images. Discord Tag : Badbaar#2387
  6. Ratero. Pd: i will build a team with mamoswine for counter ur team with mamoswine.
  7. The story behind this pory is pretty funny. Passed like 8 months without a shiny and I was hunting for shiny ditto 2 days in a row 'cause I already train a lot of mons thinking that after beat a lot of them i can finally find a shiny and didn't found shiny ditto and got a full ditto box. Due to I was dissapointed I didn't try to sell it and try to hatch: porygon charmander beldum eevee Just to make fun of my luck and after 20 dittos i got this shiny pory.
  8. He is legit from SIA he played last PSL too and won it.
  9. On my third round against Orange Maniac in less than a month. I will bet on myself 1m just to add some emotion to this duel [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi (0) Vs [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra (0) Dubs: OrangeManiac vs Badbaarsito 1M @PizzaConewe Void If sub, Dq or If the finals already have been decided before this Duel
  10. Seems like they wanna BE THE MAIN EVENT. Salty SuitMania when? Who is our Vince McMahon?
  11. Running a team where I don't depend of setter or RNG....Yeah the scummiest shit ever dude XD whatever for thats how it looks a real dubs duel See ya o/
  12. I take but I forgot the chicharito picture. well GG WP good luck next week!!
  13. I don't have to feel ashamed. Sadly RNG helped again orange but I got the duel I wanted. I think that's how a real dubs duel look. GG for 4v have some friends there. We still have chances for play offs too so see ya in play offs.
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