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  1. Lactosoid vs Badbaasito in a custom doubles duel this saturday 3PM gmt-6 We decided to make this duel with special rules. We make a 8 mons mini draft taking only pokemon from Never Used and Untiered. I will share both draft teams, Lactosoid list Badbaar list 1.-Gothithelle Beheeyem 2.-Crawdawnt Hitmontop 3.-Hariyama Gallade 4.-Ludicolo Vanilluxe 5.-manectric Musharna 6.-toxicroak Braviary 7.-Parasect Amoongus 8.-abomasnow Stantler We are gonna make a team for this saturday with those pokemon.
  2. IGN: Badbaarsito Preferred tier: All the tiers of Lc but mainly Dubs lc and Nu lc Competitive accolades: Already won 2 PSL in a row (XII & XIII) and well This kind of tournaments it's where I belong. Discord: Badbaar#2387 Fluff: Team me up with @MaatthewMLGand we are gonna do tutorials of how to make good teams in 10 minutes or less. @Akaruyo se la come Preferred: Shiny cofagrigus (Y) Tailoooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww & baguette Least Preferred Potential Manager: The ones who don't take this one seriously
  3. We didn'tgot drama this year. Next year maybe we are gonna do a better run.
  4. This is me when I notice I'm on over used. Ok
  5. In-Game Name: badbaarsito Country: México Preferred Tiers: Doubles, Little Cup, Never Used, Under Used. Personal Note: I collect big events championship banners. I'm the lucky charm (Scout scout scout scout scout scout) & I'm like chicharito. I post chicharito images. Discord Tag : Badbaar#2387
  6. Ratero. Pd: i will build a team with mamoswine for counter ur team with mamoswine.
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