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  1. super tacos bros vs team quiler in 30 minutes
  2. Super tacos bros vs team quiler 6pm mexico 7 pm peru. Sunday 14
  3. I will talk with my friend aboutthat. Stantler incoming
  4. I saw some doubts about our picks. I can clearly say the doubts are with us too but hey XDDD I'm always here to make a surprising move XD
  5. That's another point there. Surely he will not answer you thinknicer.
  6. I love bro but this time I will be in the other side. I just say what I'm watching around this tournament. Nothing from what I said before is a lie at all. I can choose better words to say all thats true but they don't even hear their own communtiy. Everybody noticed that When happened the big bans wave. They don't know what's happening their own game. Look what happened to the "little cup" tier. Maybe I can be less rude. Yes I can but how can I be like that If they don't even hear us. Soon tm with 5 tiers.
  7. No worries. Like all hosted tournaments. Your tournament your rules. Your choices. It sets a bad precedent for sure but well. You retired LC as official tier so I'm not surprised at all. Good luck in the tournament.
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