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  1. Seems like they wanna BE THE MAIN EVENT. Salty SuitMania when? Who is our Vince McMahon?
  2. Running a team where I don't depend of setter or RNG....Yeah the scummiest shit ever dude XD whatever for thats how it looks a real dubs duel See ya o/
  3. I take but I forgot the chicharito picture. well GG WP good luck next week!!
  4. I don't have to feel ashamed. Sadly RNG helped again orange but I got the duel I wanted. I think that's how a real dubs duel look. GG for 4v have some friends there. We still have chances for play offs too so see ya in play offs.
  5. I'm ready to play once again.
  6. @xPauu owes me 600k @LifeStyleNORE owes me 100k <----- Already paid Ign: badbaarsito
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