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  1. IGN: badbaarsito Preferred Tiers: Any tier is ok for me. Is Lc at the end. Competitive accolades: 2 PSL championship. I can beat @xJoseeeand I can hax @Akaruyo Discord contact: xigbar#2387 Fluff: Well I Promise I will not use trick room gasly again (sorry @YettoDie Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: Well I wish I could be with MKNS, RDL, Mendez, Quinw, Urquidi, Forfiter, Cali, Ape Dmathew or AwaxGoku
  2. So you end up giving what they told u to do since yesterday but You deny to do cause you wanted to help them to think clear about that decision but after all the drama stuff They continue with the same idea of not duel and u end up giving activity. Whoops.
  3. I have a crazy theory about this kind of situation and maybe some will agree on this theory and other ones will not. From a player who play that death dubs ladder I notice something interesting. Since the ban of Gbwead & Poseidonwrath I decide in company of my friend EYL to take a look about this kind of weird situations. Even with proofs in hands of many china players making match manipulation there is no one doing something about that. I remember that GB & Wrath were banned for a week or more but, The china players for example make a lot of match manipulation on the ladder without any punishment and gain a non deserved crown of the season. We make some tickets as well with proofs but the tickets never been answered. Maybe the match manipulation is like playing tournaments with 2 accounts at the same time. As long as you buy some RP or have some GM's friends you will never get punished. Maybe is allowed as long as you buy some reward points. Correct?
  4. IGN: Badbaarsito Time zone: GMT -5 Tiers: Doubles / Never Used / Under Used Fluff: Second best doubles player of PSL XIII (7-1 score). I train and make Superman the MVP doubles last PSL XIII and @Bearminatorwas his fan #1 Fuff 2: @gbweadlove my trick room alakazam Fluff3: @Cristi is my best PSL duo ever. Together won already 2 times in a row this shit Special comments: Already won 2 Official PSL's in a row. I will go for the third one. @Akaruyo se la come completa. PD: I hope I can match my scheduel with @iJulian and shittalk comment games while we record that games. Also I always post chicharito pictures for my games. #SoaringStaraptors#1 #EmpoleonsBonapartist#1 #Inevercoachedhim #Hatersgonnahate #Redreaperhood
  5. Well I wasn't the host of that tour so If u want it back and I think u already saw the rate for that hood. You can buy it in GTL I think oooorrrr maybe you cannot and that's why You are here asking for that in the wrong threat. Hopefully you can buy one. Good luck Last time I see the rates was 46m by the way. GOOD LUCK!!! Pd: If you think there was a scam or something I think @Bearminatorwill be happy for help you Good luck and have some guts xD
  6. Back in the time when We got the PSL XII I was part of the small council that time. For the most value player of each tier on the PSL XII We gave a KYU OT pokemon of each tier was my idea, I worked on that and also that PSL was hosted by GB as well. I will propose myself as small council candidate because on the PSL XII I think we made a good job and as well I think was the less dramatic one. You can have 2 good small council having @iJulian and me on there. Obviously we can record any drama as well together. Being serious I done a good job in the PSL XII and now I can do good job as well. I have great comunication with spanish players and good relationship with most of them. I hope we can have a great PSL XIV. Pd: Never invite again random spanish showdown players to a pokemmo event please. Don´t make this a spanish clown fest again. Thank you!
  7. Lactosoid vs Badbaasito in a custom doubles duel this saturday 3PM gmt-6 We decided to make this duel with special rules. We make a 8 mons mini draft taking only pokemon from Never Used and Untiered. I will share both draft teams, Lactosoid list Badbaar list 1.-Gothithelle Beheeyem 2.-Crawdawnt Hitmontop 3.-Hariyama Gallade 4.-Ludicolo Vanilluxe 5.-manectric Musharna 6.-toxicroak Braviary 7.-Parasect Amoongus 8.-abomasnow Stantler We are gonna make a team for this saturday with those pokemon.
  8. IGN: Badbaarsito Preferred tier: All the tiers of Lc but mainly Dubs lc and Nu lc Competitive accolades: Already won 2 PSL in a row (XII & XIII) and well This kind of tournaments it's where I belong. Discord: Badbaar#2387 Fluff: Team me up with @MaatthewMLGand we are gonna do tutorials of how to make good teams in 10 minutes or less. @Akaruyo se la come Preferred: Shiny cofagrigus (Y) Tailoooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww & baguette Least Preferred Potential Manager: The ones who don't take this one seriously
  9. We didn'tgot drama this year. Next year maybe we are gonna do a better run.
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