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  1. I need that shiny cottonee, shiny whimsicott is the best shiny evah!!!
  2. Xigbar

    WTS Cradily

    Maybe is too low but 300k
  3. Being serious, usually when that happen the guy who do that get a sanction but getting serious a guy like you get a, serious sanction too, taking the example you gave of course. Now reading all the stuff like I said, is a fair decison, the only reward the only have is that he have better score than your team, they work for that being serious so is not a reward. Talking about your team that match means have a 4—4 score if you win obviously. I think nobody is getting a reward here, like I said a good call is no contest, other good call is play one day after that happen and begin the week one day later, doesnt matter 'cause nobody plays in monday. The match means to much this weeks and thats something I didnt saw until I check few minutes ago so I think need to be played the game at least 'cause this duel means a victory or a tie for a team bur mayne the host have another good call with a solid argument. I rhink you guys going in a wrong way, you already.showed up your argument, wait for their call. He is the host he need to answer soon. Good luck with this stuff
  4. I know, I saw you there but reading the fact abput saturday is something to take in rythm too. I wanna know if someday can be possible why just dont played in monday? monday night I mean, no contest is fair, for me at least reading all thos stuff but A good choice was just delay the match one day. What can happen? begin the week one day late? Hoping for you and the other guy have a quick resolution. At least you talk about the stuff without insulting o saying other stuff out of the theme
  5. To much uguu with you, coolio already explain why no contest is their ddecision. I dont understand why you play host player tournament If you dont gonna acept host decision and worst even if he gave you an explanation you continie insulting, dude in that way the only thing you gonna have is nothing. I was that day in vermillion, then stay when the otjer guy Axl post about he is on. In my opinion this drama.is like funny 'cause you wanna force to take the decision you think is fair. In an real life tournament I think you will be disqualificated for insult the host and being so fucking uguu ad cringe. Anyway thats not my problem I will continue laughting with the situation while you resolve all of this. I think make the match can be a good decision too but no contest is one good too. good luck.
  6. I'm not a player of the PSL but this drama is hot. I think a no contest is fair for both parts. Watching it in a neutral zone without knowing any of the players and reading all the things happen, no contest is a fair decision, that's my opinon, the host has the power to just say "Thats my final decision, you can think I'm the worst host in the psl other ones will think the contrary thing so Fuck off decision taken and no reply o appeal" but he still answering, nice host, nice drama, waiting for more.
  7. Thats a good suggestion, can help a lot!!
  8. Taking now the topic, they already make an announcement with sistem message, I play in the cellphone and is not hard to see the mesaage, I think is innecesary, not bad suggestion at all but innecesary, good luck in your day.
  9. I already pay to plata RIP my 100k
  10. I owes 100k to plata. Lluvia won but sparkie and chujul lost their matches.
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