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  1. Team name: The boys feat Xigbaar players: Xigbaar, dinofish and kibbz
  2. Why don't submit how much money every gym leader give you?
  3. I wanna be invited!! nice tour and good luck on it
  4. When I arrive to home i will screen shot some dragon mons with 28 evs and price just to show up how expensive it is. As an example obviously. I said dragon 'cause are one of the most used mons in game. For me is not expensive, the old man give you the egg asap and born in minutes with flame body. But i will do that until i arrive to home, doing it in the cellphone is hard
  5. 1.- 200k -250k 2.- Easier to find any 2x28 mon with the egg moves you need. So you say is tedious the gym rush? 1typhlosion, 1 mence and 1 jolteon solve your problem or gym rush. Since the gems are not expensive is not a problem at all. Pill is a problem true but you are forgetting something. Not all mons need it. BP ok, after beat each E4 they give you bp, only in the first rush thats is part of thr history. I dont see a real problem about the npc have ha and you dont. Is a problem if anpther player have it and you not so I think complain about that is like complain 'cause one computer is blue and yours is red How much time i told to. spend here? I didnt said even an exactly time. I spend 2 hours - 3 hours per day and that i do it like. 1 hour, then another hour and then another one or just 30 minutes and after that 1 hour. I thinl the complaining here is just 'cause want everything easy and without effort. If you played before any pokemon game you will find that was harder, spent more time and was more difficult to lvl up mons. Only If you used pokesav, pokehex or other programm to create mons inside the original pokemon games then you only waste 5 seconds to create one.
  6. Breeding is easier since the old guy give you the egg instantly. The only comp missing are some of the fourth gen. You can always do 2x31 3x28-30, to much cheaps mons with that ivs. The Hidden abs will still missing for some time I think. Giant chasm piloswine horde are a good way to lvl them up to 100 or done gym rush. I usually waste 20 to 30 minutes to beed a comp mon. I was watching all the complainments in the forums and I notice about how the people want everything easy and quickly without any effort. You can farm npc for money, you can waste 20 to 30 minutes to make a comp.You can find a good spot to lvl up mons. I think you are a little impatient and wants everything inmediatly and in a easy way.
  7. I quoted a guide with the ancient amulet effect too. I will put the link again. I can make a comparation in my currenr guide without problem.
  8. You are just complaining 'cause you like to complain. I see you point but for you, is only negative. You don't see what they gave us and the profit on it. I already showed you a solid argument. A solid guide with every worth trainer. Of course took me to much time. You not gonna waste all the amulet coins listed there 'cause you can make a custom rush each 6 hours. So since you dont have a solid argument, your only argument is "I dont wanna farm amulet coins, dont wanna buy it" I will stop this 'cause is useless. Continue with your complaining, I already showed you argumetns, guides and facts. Is not worth continue this discussion. Have a nice day!! :DD
  9. I watched the old npc guide I will share the link: And Now take a look to the guide I made. I just add the worth trainers. Taking part of what you said in 1 hour you make 201k not 150k only with one account. Doing kanto and hoen gym leaders and you have 10 minutes left to make any other trainers or begin with unova gym leaders. How to know that? I done it. I can even do a video where you will see how faster is to do that. In 50 minutes you make all gym leaders from kanto and hoen and gain 201k. Yikes!! Seems like the actual nerf to amulet is not a nerf at all. This is my actual guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TQuLvHEzLixfpvchNOQX_PB5TNmnO0XfpESzhguOV4k/edit?usp=sharing You will take from 1 minutes 30 seconds to 2 minutes 30 seconds per trainer. If you are doing the trainers with a pidgey of course will take more but with good lvl 100 mons. I done the rush with jolteon, mence, typhlosion, hydreigon, metagross and breloom. So you can make between 30 to 33 trainers who gave you like 4k in 1 hour and you can gain a good proffit.
  10. Do you havr any proof about you dont gain more money with the new amulet coin? Just a little example. The gentlemen before undella town now give you 8100 pokeyenes, just as an example. I have all that data gatheted so what you said have no sense. How you do the gym leaders? 'Cause in 1 hour i complete 2 regions of gym leaders and each one give you 13k or more so. You are saying things without solid arguments.
  11. There is aok way to do the 1.2m in day with 2 accounts without problem. If you usually farm npc as you said then you already notice you gain more money than usual or you didnt? I done an npc rematch guide that can completely support what im saying. I battle every trainer and just wrote the trainers who give u a gain of 2.2k or more and with help of that I can make a custom npc rematch route. I can share it to you if you want it.
  12. Yikes, you are so fucking mad. I think you should find the way the farm money with npcs, not everybody love be a bot farming berrys and other stuff. The money amulet is a problem for you 'cause the nerf of berrys. For me that buffs and nerfs are ok. For you not is ok, for other guys is ok. I dont even pay a single dollar for RP and Im able to farme 1.2 m per day in 3 hours so i dont see the problem. Good luck, I saw your last post and remember, change your account for real money is ban. See ya
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