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  1. 1M on DEVILBATS winning against Villains.
  2. Im so worried about this situation cause the logs should be private I think and only the SGM must be able to see that. Imagine making jokes with friends and boom!! Host with their moral power come and ban you, #freepbc #freetailows
  3. I bet 1m on Tailows being unbanned
  4. was a close game. GG WP I won. I FORGOT TO PUT MY CHICHARITO PIC
  5. Search "Telenovela" in google and is like this.
  6. badbaarsito vs neblinamist in 15 minutes
  7. This is me hearing Jaawax orders and telling me. "Don't lose your undefeated strike"
  8. Is pretty unfair if you force them to play next day or at that moment but I don't think is pretty hard if you give them 2 or 3 days. Talking about the future of course not about this PSL right now is too late to do that I think.
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