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  1. You should do it for shiny reuniclus. Reuniclus is not even more rare shiny.
  2. Is good idea If you don't take on count that maybe new players can emerge from this opportunity and bring us at least a more variety of pvp players for the future. Is a good idea if instead of done a sign up we just took the pro players of each country like Gb and you are planning too. The votations are up and I'm tired need to solve other issues too, lets continue this funny discussion in like 1 hour or 2.
  3. I miss read about that, sorry, my bad. Relocating someone is not hard at all. I miss read and understood something else. Is no a barrier I think but anyways. If I see clearly enough you will continue complaining even If we are closer than you think. Something I see is that our real barrier is that wanna have all the reason and you wanna hear from us "Yes zigh. You are correct" That will not happen due u are so far of being correctt. Thinking about what did you said. If we was rushing decisions then We didn't asked in a poll what does the community prefer. Am I right? I saw something weird and funny too when I corrected you about maths. You don't even took some of your time to investigate a bit how can be the single elimination stage so that's tell me you are here complaining without any good argument anymore. Leaving that behind will not discuss anymore with you due the points are already shared and like you said. We are not close, you don't wanna hear and your best argument is "you don't take it seriously." Have an excellent day, son. Pd: take that language barrier by the way. I'm busy in other stuff so I'm not paying attention at all at my ortography due anyway is understable.
  4. And about one bye week in group stage for each team is not a big deal due the community anyway will ask for 1 bye week like every event.
  5. You are not able to count in a correct way I think. 4 groups of 7 teams where first and second place pass next round are a total of 8 teams not 10. Try to do an example on challonge.com and you will see
  6. Not taking personally, no worries, is part of this this poll, we discuss, we see, we hear and then we can see other options for better decisions. I think relocate them could not be fair at all I think. Imagine relocating mexico player to another country and leaving him with china (just a funny example) About the google translate stuff. I think we are not using it all. If it's your argue and opinion about how serious is a tournament. Let me say to you that is a bit funny and useless. Like you said, dont take this personally.
  7. Seems like brasil can be unified and we can have 28 teams.4 groups with 7 teams where first 2 places go next round without any kind of problem. We are waiting for the last reply of that.
  8. The we can say that we are following the real rules from a world cup. Following all the rules like I said we then must expel many players from this WC due bad sign up. Following that rules where we need to be "elitist" with level. The captain must be selected by tournaments winning like we done then the captain would must select 11 players from the total player registered where doesn'tt matter if u are good or not. If u are no their friend even If you have top level, You will be not selected. I thinks is kinda more unfair We are taking this event seriously saying we are not is like saying we don't good competitive players in this game.
  9. Then we must follow that rules and just expell every player who signed up for their second country this year. Following that rule then we will add that with what Im saying too and to many player will be expelled from this WC and due this is a hosting event dont thinks its fair. will add but with the rules im saying too due we are using that example
  10. 1.- If we take on count the Olympics format then a lot of player would be out from their actual teams. 2.- All players wanna play and due that reason having teams with 24 players can be unfair for them. 3.- You didn't paid attention to second option where the seconds and first places pass to next round. In that case the only issue is that 2 first places will duel in first elimination round. Challenge will decide with the points. U miss read that i think and its not unfair, have a excellent day.
  11. The last option allows second and first places to pass + the best 4 Third places in 6 groups. That means we will have 9 weeks but all the second and first places go to next round. Risky cause maybe first place can be eliminated by a third place.
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