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  1. LAVA....I know is to early but XD wanna follow the other players.
  2. Team name: LIVE Players. Souu, zAnderso, lKillua
  3. Can I ask where is our stronger pokemon Stantler and our God trick room Alakazam? Thanks you for the guide.
  4. Don't forget the strategy of choose a player which a manager was pushing all the slow draft just to make him mad. #slowdrafthype
  5. Your idea for this PSL is great. I'm so hyped specially for this one and now You gave us and explanation of how many time you will take to do all the rules give us more time to think about all of this and your new system. The idea of the salary is great and refresh this tournament, give us the chance to feel a bit more worth to play the PSL and give us the chance to feel like a "real player" inside a pro team. Keep the good work and thank you.
  6. full def and sp def evs snorlax > full hp and atk evs snorlax.
  7. Stealing the stantler strat. I see,
  8. ign: badbaarsito I don't even know what am I doing but this is my team. salamence Milotic Scizor Slowbro Gigalith Blastoise
  9. Great job bro. The way u understand each team and describe it is awesome. Keep the good work.
  10. 6x0 hitmontop instead could be an excellente prize.
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