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  1. First let me start by saying I greatly enjoy this game and appreciate the work the devs are doing. However I believe that the game has multiple errors or issues that are making me want to stop playing. Moves The moves Sky Drop and Volt Switch don't fuction corretly. Sky Drop is a 2 turn move first turn takes both the user and opponent into the sky turn 2 the move does it's damage. In MMO the move just does it's damage turn 1 which removes thee function of the move. Volt Switch does it's damage then forces to user to switch the pokemon with another in their team. MMO the move does damage and you cannot switch. There might be other moves but these are the two that I have seen in the past month of me playing the game. Confusion between with generation the moves are from, leech life has it's gen 7 variant with 80 base power instead of its original 20 but Knock Off still has its 20 base power but the move was changed in gen 6 to do 65. Again these are the only issues I've noticed but more might exsist. Using Sweet Scent as a field move uses 5 PP. This allows 4 sweet scent uses between returns to the pokemon centre. Why sweet scent has to use PP has no reason other that to slow down the pace of the game. Items Not sure where to but this part but as it links to item grinding I'll put it here. Thief and Covet "breaking" an item if you one shot an enemy. This is such a stupid mechanic, not only do the items only have a 5% chance of showing in the first place the fact that the only way to get the items effectively is by catching the pokemon this decreases the possible proffit from the the item by a large amount. The pokemart prices have been increased. A revive in normal pokemon costs $1500 in all but gen 7 in which is costs $2000 but in MMO it costs $3250. You don't get any more money from trainer battles so why increase the prices. Difficulty With the changes to the shop this limits the amount of items you can get by a large amount. This normally wouldn't be an issue but with the changes to other mechanics it makes the game so much harder. AI being allowed hidden abilites while players cannot. This gives the AI an advantage over players. AI seems to have increased chance forr thee secondary effects on moves. I don't think I've ever been hit by a body slam that hasn't paralyzed. The Rival and Gym battles have more/different pokemon. This makes preparing for the battle almost a wild guess. The AI has been "Improved" with obvious bot hacks. For example the enemy is quicker than me and will kill me with his move but I can kill with this priority move. So I use the priority move and they decide to heal which makes me lose next turn. Or I don't go for the priority move and the AI hits me making me lose this turn. This makes some normal 50/50 situations a very one sided 100% to the AI Wiki I don't know if there is an offical wiki or not but the best one I can find is http://en.pokemmo.shoutwiki.com/wiki/PokeMMO_Wiki:Main_page This wiki is very outdated and which certian mechanics and things changed a wiki is very much needed to get any information. If a wiki does exsist that is updated a link is very much needed Training Pokemon This links in to EV and IV training To start with EVs. Why have the EV training items been changed. The power items are meant to give bonus evs but have been changed to make IVs stay when breeding. Whats wrong with using the Destiny Knot for IV passing LIKE THE ACTUAL GAMES. Breeding has been changed. I love when my pokemon make me a new egg but are required to be removed from existance for it to happen. This is such a bad change and makes me not want to do any breeding in this game. Can somebody address these issues with either a solution or a reason as to why the changes exsit past "it's a mmo it needs grinding". Due to these issues I'm going to "enjoy" going threw my two favourite regions (Hoenn and Unova) with my mates but I cannot see any of us playing the game after completing the leauge due to the amount of endless grinding that will be required
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