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  1. Hello Commumity!:) So I finished the pokeliga in Black & Smaragd & went to the Battle Resort to learn my Pokémon some new Moves but I guess that isn't availabled yet so i wanted to ask u guys where can I learn them these moves like Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Toxic Punch, Fire Punch.. Thank u!:) Ingame Sgotaku
  2. Isn't it random what IV u get from 30 IV and 26IV? I thought its randomly from 26 -30 or did it changed?
  3. So I ve figured out that some Items not work as in the original games like Destiny Knot etc. So i wanted to ask u guys, what Items do I need & what techniques are good in PokeMMO? I know that the everstone is having the same effect as in the original games. Im playing now 3 days, sorry for these questions & thanks for the help (: Ingame: sgotaku
  4. So for an example, if im going to bring a IV6 Ditto with another pokemon in to the pension and become an egg out of it, will the parents get deleted? That would be redicilous..:x
  5. tell me the best ways to get much money in a little amount of time, thanks(: Ing: sgotaku
  6. Hello everyone, Im playing PokeMMO since 3 days and already have finished the pokeliga & now i want to breed perfect pokemons with a 4+IV Ditto, now my question is; Is there an Item like in OrAs that find a ditto 100% on 3IV? & What ways do players use in PokeMMO to get good IV pokes? (Another question, about the shiny charm, do i really have to catch every single pokemon in Hoenn to get that item? i mean i cant catch for example latias and latios, regice etc..) Thanks for the help :) Ingame: sgotaku
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