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  1. Nah you tried to be arrogant and act like what I was asking was something that would be blabbered from a crying 5 year old. Worst type of person rofl
  2. Must be your first forum hahaha, but anyway I think you’re right I’ve mixed you up with someone else I believe, my mistake, anyway have a great one see you one day maybe, maybe not. ( Probably ;) )
  3. Never wanted someone to beg me to stay I promise. I’m having a perfectly fine time playing emerald on my ags101. And in the vanilla games you can keep and battle with every legendary you encounter. And In one of your previous replies you said “ how difficult would it be to go through all of hoenn with your zekrom”. This is what I am referring to when I say only a baboon would want that. You baboon. Lol. Please when you start being a meanie don’t forget all the meanie things you said when someone is a poopoo head right back. Anyway I might come back to PokeMMO after I finish a vanilla playthrough of some of the games I miss (emerald, SS, Platinum) and plus even if I didn’t I promise this community will survive, no worries there. So you can have mommy tuck you in and sleep tight now knowing that (ohh watch out I might edit something and make you look silly)
  4. OP here I edited the post once for grammar lol. But my original point (if you read the post) is that you can’t use legendaries period. Not that you can’t take a legendary to the next region with you. If you read my replies you would also see that I explained this very thing to someone else. So if you would so kindly do me a favor and either learn to read a bit better before entering forums, or learn to pay attention and how to retain information you read. Thanks in advance
  5. When challenging they should make an option that says "Ban use of Legendaries" that way if people want to not have Legendaries ruin their comp, they can leave them out, but as for me and friend that wanted a simple Vanilla style play though but with the ability to go through the whole of the regions together, they should allow players to have the option of having legendaries.
  6. I think you misunderstood my post, I was wondering why Zekrom is stuck in your unova room after you beat the region ( I played though unova first) and you can't roam throughout the Unova with Zekrom (to find the Seven Sages) Im not complaining that you can't take a whole team of level 60 Pokemon through to the next region, who in their right mind would want that the games would no longer be a challenge at all. And as for making PVE challenging, im not sure that's the main motive, because if you get stuck at a gym or league member you can simply buy a Pokemon from the Global Trade that matches the typing you need in order to progress through. So im not sure what youre talking about to be honest.
  7. I think I’ve completely missed what the point of this game was. I’m just disappointed I didn’t realize exactly what the game was when I started. My point wasn’t contradicting, my point was I was disappointed in this game, so there’s not much to contradict. Simply put, this game is nothing close to what I thought it was. I get that you were trying to help or whatever, but you’re explanation (if that’s what you want to call it) has truly helped me see this game for what it is, a modded mess. Hope you guys continue to find entertainment in it though. Peace.
  8. Why? I saw the post explaining that legendaries aren’t available to keep, I don’t even get how that works to be honest. I think I’m genuinely done with this game man, they have changed many aspects and I tried to live with it but I’m not sure after finding out I literally have no choice in keeping and playing with legendaries that I’ll keep playing, maybe if someone explains why it’s this way it will help me? Extremely disappointed. Feel like I’ve wasted a good few hours just to find out I played through a hollow shell that’s honestly not even like the old ones I remember.
  9. I sure hope its smooth sailing from here out, because this battles making me feel like Im Cheren, lol, anyway yeah, I can see why they changed the stuff after you mentioned a few of those points, in all honesty I was fury typing this whole post when I made it lol, I took a little break and I'm back to my senses, but I think tonight I'm going to try again. One weird thing btw, why can't I use my master ball on Zekrom?
  10. man I genuinely think this is the hardest fight out of any in the Unova region. I have had literally not a single problem with N or any of the other elite 4 or any of the badges, but with Ghetsis I'm getting absolutely massacred, my team is Zekrom, Marsharna, Salamence, Darmanitan, Beartic, and Samurott
  11. Warning this is a counterproductive post. Seriously, wtf was the thought process when forcing the level cap between gyms? I’m trying fight ghetsis and it’s damn near impossible his Pokémon are right at the same level as mine so no matter what Pokémon I have in front gets one shotted along with usually the second and third. I literally don’t get an attack in until ATLEAST my 2 Pokémon. Im on something like my 5th try now and having to recapture Zekrom after every loss makes me think the pkmnmmo devs put zero thought into the ending of black/white. I get you wanted to make the game more difficult but increasing the AI intelligence and crippling the level system in the game? Ffs all I wanted was to replay the old games vanilla with my friend. I bet if they made a vanilla multiplayer server, it would have more popularity than the modded mess they have now. Seriously consider changing these things.
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