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  1. Hello, what please is a gtl … ? Hello, my name is Mulux in Hoenn. I am going to play again now because this game is too good, maybe look in the cave next to 116 and try to get more monies for more pokeballs thxxxx Eevee isn't easy at all LOLOLOL
  2. I just found Eevee on route 116 and battled to near death then chucked all my 12 pokeballs at it, including 2 great balls. Then I ran out balls so bought more and ran back to the grass and after another two hours searching, Eevee appeared again, so I fought it to near death and threw all my pokeballs at it yet it kept jumping back out of the pokeball immediately. Now I have no monies, no pokeballs and no Eevee. (I just started in Hoenn up to first gym ….) Even Abra who teleports at the start of every battle was catchable. WHAT ISSSSSS GOING ONNNNNNNNNNNN? I exited the game after this traumatising experience. thxxxx
  3. Ahhhhhhhh okay thanks a lot!
  4. Ahaaa alright, I just given up and levelled up my pokes, beat the gym and carried on. One more question, I thought the TMs and HMs could be taught to the pokemon more than once, that what the people in the game said to me too but I taught rock smash to Herdier, its gone from my bags. Are they all only one time use? I'm afraid to use another … in case it also disappears.
  5. Hello, I'm having huge difficulty trying to find Sawk and Throh outside of pinwheel forest. Its my second day here and I haven't seen shaking grass one single time. Doesn't the grass shake? Are Sawk and Throh even here? Thanks.
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