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  1. 听说是技术原因导致以后不会再出现官方性质的LC分级锦标赛,故而此贴不再维护与更新。 如果你很喜欢LC分级或者感兴趣想要入坑,那我推荐你可以去PS上试试,那里玩家相对于MMO来说较多 贴个群:LC分级讨论群6927679672(PS向)
  2. IGN: Ahpool Pref tier: LcG8 LcOu Discord: Ahpool#1709
  3. If you think LC = mienfoo bronzor porygon, I suggest you play PS, which is not as few as MMO By the way OU=Garchomp Scizor Conkeldurr hhhh spam
  4. In fact, many people want LC to return, but they are not those glittering players In fact, they can't speak English:) me too(bushi)
  5. If LC is not popular, why does PWC PSL always have LC,
  6. I don't understand why LC is not popular because there are a lot of OU?
  7. why ban Lc tournament? Lc players are few, but should not be ban
  8. I don't know your entertainment time every day, but we can accept the tournament as long as it's before 11 p.m
  9. I think the time can be adjusted to 8-9pm Beijing time
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