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  1. I don't know your entertainment time every day, but we can accept the tournament as long as it's before 11 p.m
  2. I think the time can be adjusted to 8-9pm Beijing time
  3. I just hope it's not 2-4 in the middle of the night
  4. There have been other tournaments in pokemmo, such as team tournaments, that ignore Beijing time. In June 2018, with the introduction of Android. A large number of Chinese players are involved. But many Chinese players who like PVP are not satisfied with the official customized journey time, because they are all from 2:00 to 4:00 midnight Beijing time. So I suggest to adjust the time so that more Chinese players can participate. The result of changing time 1. The game is not so boring (always the same players) 2. There will be a lot of people, so it looks very lively 3. Fair competition 4. Know more friends
  5. It seems that the trap team has benefited a lot since misdreavus was sent to ban, because misdreavus made some LCPM unable to play Because of its levitate and fast speed. As a result, many LCPM are suppressed by him. In my opinion, it can be ban trap, but the consequences can be imagined that the utilization rate of magnemete will definitely increase significantly, but this does not affect the game environment, because the operation space for players is larger, and it is not like the method of mienfoo +trap + clamperl to limit the opponent's operation and win. A lot of players are very upset.mienfoo+ Trap + clamperl gives players a very small operation space, which is also conducive to the operation of many new LC players. It just needs an LCPM to lure + trap, which causes it to get stuck on the court and can't be replaced + then memento brings clamperl on the court and uses shell smash for 1ko anything @gbwead
  6. 此贴主要目的是为了给玩家易于理解的概要,其中概述了每个pm在队伍中所起到的作用 会让大家更高效率的掌握大致的组队思路 首先声明此贴是我一个外国好友Mkns19年在论坛发布的一篇帖子,我修改汉化了此贴并且补充添加了多个神奥新pm(汉化过程也是感谢不服以及波特老哥的一一指点) 原贴地址:https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/90098-mmo-lc-teambuilding-compendium/&tab=comments#comment-1576775 我希望这次汉化以及补充会对萌新或者有一定PVP基础的朋友提供帮助 其次本帖是以个人理解所定义的各类作用并不能统一大众思想,如有瑕疵还请谅解。 钉子: 清钉: 反制清钉: 首发选择: 盾类: 破防类: 特殊破防类: 强化类: 反制强化: 强化工具人: 捕获类: 游击类: 反制急速折返类: 反制伏特替换类: 免疫水系技能: 异常状态类: 携带讲究围巾: 携带拍落: 黏着特性: 多段攻击技能: 回收利用技能: 先制型技能: 空间队: 沙暴队: 雨天队: 晴天队:
  7. Don’t worry, no one in the world will always win, the important thing is whether the process is happy
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