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  1. Never thought about it like that. Bad suggestion then.
  2. From what I remember, there's just a chance of a Pokemon not following orders. Though, I only ever seemed to notice it with traded Pokemon.
  3. It's not really the difficulty, it's more of it just being dumb that a Pokemon essentially can't be sent out in battle. I'm technically almost finished with Unova and Kanto, but it'd be a lot less tedious if I could just use a higher level Pokemon to quickly beat out the lower level Pokemon that I'm grinding on. Actually, another suggestion would be to allow the player to force a level cap, so you can't accidentally bypass it while grinding in another region.
  4. This. True, but Nintendo apparently gave out a Level 50 Dragonite back in Gen 4 (I think). It was basically banned by the anti-cheat, for being lower than normal.
  5. Have the Pokemon temporarily leveled down for battles, using the system that's in place for showing stats at Level 5/50.
  6. I can say for sure that not all trainers in Hoenn are rematchable. I think there was maybe four or five trainers that were rematchable on the route above Slateport.
  7. I can be within 1 or 2 levels of an opponent, but not be able to defeat them. In that case, I have to grind to the level cap, which is not fun. I'm really not into the game for competition. I originally wanted to just experience Pokemon White in a better way, but now I'm going for a living dex.
  8. Leveling to the cap is what bothers me most about the game. Defeating the Elite Four doesn't seem possible unless you level to the cap, which I had to do for almost every badge in Hoenn. Hoenn easily added about 100 hours to my playtime, just from all the grinding I had to do.
  9. If a walking Pokemon enters a bog, it becomes stuck until you restart the game. Unsummoning it, hopping on the bike, changing follower/loading zones/etc just results in the Pokemon spawning behind you and not moving. https://imgur.com/a/1SqaNDZ
  10. I have also experienced this issue. Edit: Might be helpful to mention that I lost to Barry outside the gym.
  11. Route 204, have one Pokemon in inventory and walk in front of the twins.
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