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  1. you cant catch other legendary in the game except for, mewtwo, rayquaza, arceus and keldeo. But you cant keep them.
  2. Players might actually consider going in swarms just to look for those "Brilliant Aura" instead of trying to get catch em and see if their shiny or got good IV's, majority of players only go in swarms hoping for a shiny, making the Brilliant Aura seeable to every players might make them just to look for it instead of encountering the Swarm mons and catching em and thats the Thrill of getting good random IV's, so for me its a huge L to make them seeable and huge L for breeders in general because of these 3x31 IV's flooding the GTL.
  3. Might be a good idea to get the "Brilliant Aura" once the mons is caught, not a good one showing it to the mons while still in the swarm, imo. But overall good idea!
  4. Try opening it not fullscreen, then change resolution in game to your monitor's resolution then try fullscreen. Hope it helps
  5. Looking forward for the future updates!
  6. Mounts/Bike - Bike (obv), Motorcycle, Santa Sleigh
  7. Shiny rate is 1/30,000 > 1/16 for Rare Shiny Gen 1-5
  8. What do you mean by selling money? Trading Poke Yen for Real Money? Or by giving away 100k for subscribers?
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