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  1. It all started with the message that Keldeo was waiting for a new trainer near Striaton City. It has been more than 30 minutes since I and other people have been looking, but nobody found it. Was that a bug?
  2. Shiny Boufallant, idk the encounters, he came by chance. I intend to breed it with my nidoqueen, to continue looking for the perfect Nido.
  3. Shiny Nidorina, after <40 encounters, this is my third shiny one, I literally bought more than 800 leppa berrys and used <50. Only 13 minutes of shiny charm.
  4. I was one of those guys, last year I sold special candy for 30k, but I only played history at that time
  5. I was just kidding, an obvious comment just like yours.
  6. in fact, the purpose of this was to put only one bag at a higher price, so when the cheap ones run out, only the expensive ones remain, but now thinking, it would take a long time
  7. I know, but it's the same story that I answered to the other guy, I got some people together and they kind of changed my view (I still prefer 50k, let's say this post is about what some people think). And thanks for being one of the people who didn't ignore my entire post and just made fun of it, I wanted to know people's point of view, not see obvious answers calling me greedy (man, I make teams with tiers below OU).
  8. I understand bro, I thought literally the same way you did before lowering the price to 40k, I thought 50k perfect for farm, selling bags and candy, when they appeared. However, I confess that I was easily manipulated at the time of making this post, four guys said that the price should be higher than 100k, and that of the candies too (Who has never been greedy in this game? Like, I like to innovate in my teams , and consequently I lose more money making pokémon) But anyway, I still think that the biggest stupidity of people was to lower the price of this bag to a smaller one, 50k was great.
  9. Yes I'm from Brazil, we have little money here :(
  10. There is no reason for it to exist anymore.
  11. Type: top Obs:ignore the tattos, i got carried away.. basically, its a monk cloathing. Images: :
  12. Just like that, I like this outfit and maybe others might like it too. I honestly don't know if it means the same thing in your language ...
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