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  1. Esses pontos são de RP ou BP? / This points are RP or BP?
  2. CAzinho

    Quick Wishlist

    Double battle between pairs of players.
  3. Sorry for my bad english.
  4. Well, the game is great in my opinion, beautiful fighting system, balancing so there are no legends in pvp, etc. However, there is something that I have always expected since I joined it, the double battles between pairs of players. The basic idea works as follows: Four players would supposedly connect via link, where they would have a "Battle of Pairs" option, and with that, they could invite each member of the link with a click, if the 4 accepted, they would be sent to one battle, where you would choose the player you want to ally, and 3 pokemon. Another way for this function to be implemented, would be a pair joining a link, where the leader would automatically get a new option in the tab that appears when we click on a player's character in the overworld. This would be called "Invite to double battle", if the player who received the invitation was the leader of a link between 2 people, he could accept, where they would be taken to the battle. Thank you for reading this far, and forgiveness for the huge text.
  5. help me, some people are bullying me pls
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