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  1. Imagine being so salty that you shit on other peoples work instead of just being happy people are trying to improve the PokeMMO experience and their own skillsets at the same time. EDIT: On a more positive note, the counter looks amazing so far! I'm excited to give it a try once it's released!
  2. If Daryl spent even half the time he uses insulting people on shiny hunting instead, he'd be posting shinies here daily too.. xD
  3. Ah I'm really sorry but I don't use the mobile client so I'm not sure how it works with regards to mods.
  4. To expand on this, open the mods menu in PokeMMO and click "Open Mods Folder": That will take you straight to the correct location, so you can paste you .mod files into that folder, restart PokeMMO, navigate back to the mods menu and enable your chosen mods.
  5. Did you ask permission to get a Shiny Smeargle?
  6. Look what you did! Look what you did!! The RNG was finally starting to find it's way to other hunters! xD
  7. 4004 Encounters, first phase for a wild Squirtle!
  8. And how would that be achieved with no legitimate battle sprites for Gen 6 and up?
  9. Mons are up to Gen 5, as per the required roms. Move sets are a mix of Gen 5 and Gen 8, depending on whether the move existed in Gen 5 to be used in the newer Gen 8 move pools.
  10. Oh damn, I didn't realise you were Lee Plays, a few friends and I were watching you recently when you were streaming on YouTube. Good luck on the challenge, I'll be sure to tune in soon!
  11. The reason Johto mons are in without having the region available is because they're natively available in the other games/regions we have access to. Kalos mons are not natively available in the earlier games.
  12. Completely possible challenge, though it'll take planning to get the moves you need at each stage of the region. Additionally, rules regarding HM usage; sketch or utility mons should be determined ahead of time so as optimise the challenge as best as possible.
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