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  1. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/106910-pokedex-pokemmo-version/
  2. WEEKEND SALE on all orders received before 9am GMT Monday!
  3. Hey Poufilou. I'd like to just say that it was actually your original team based Smeargle service that inspired me to start my own when I saw there was not one available for the general public. Unfortunately real life got in the way and I was unable to launch my service when had intended to do so but I did not want to let the time or cost of setting myself up go to waste and as such I launched just after your public service did. I genuinely did not consider a bit of marketplace competition to be a bad thing as we all need to make money in game. I've PM'd you a copy of the conversation I had with a teammate showing timestamps and also referencing the lack of Smeargle services at the time.
  4. Smeargle is one of the most versatile Pokémon available in PokeMMO and serves as a staple in most shiny catcher teams thanks to it's ability to Sketch pretty much any move from another Pokémon! Whether you're a seasoned player, recently started playing, or you've just spent too much money at the Celadon slots, I'll take the grind out of getting a decent Smeargle of your own that fits your budget so that you can spend more time playing and shiny hunting! Moves: False Swipe Spore Soak Spider Web, Ingrain, Sweet Scent, Icicle Spear, Payday, Haze, Mist, Earthquake, or Hyper Voice IVs: Budget: HP x / ATK 20+ / DEF x / SpATK x / SpDEF x / SPD 20+ Fully Spec'd: HP 20+ / ATK 25+ / DEF 20+ / SpATK x / SpDEF 20+ / SPD 25+ EV Training: ATK 252 / DEF 6 / SPD 252 Levels: Budget: 31 Fully Spec'd: 100 Fully Spec'd Natures: Adamant Jolly Neutral Pricing: Budget: 50k 35k (26 in stock) Neutral Nature: 200k 175k (7 in stock) Adamant / Jolly Nature: 225k 200k (17 Adamant / 4 Jolly in stock) Custom Smeargles: Custom moves, nature, levels, and EV builds can be requested if required, please send me a message and we can spec up your ideal Smeargle Contact: IGN: Kuplion Discord: Kuplion#1972 PM me on forums: Click here Timezone: GMT Fully Spec'd Completed Orders: Budget Completed Orders: Placeholder Text..
  5. If you’d like a decent Abra, feel free to send me an email in game and I’ll mail you one over. My IGN is the same as here on the forums, please let me know your IGN so I know it’s you emailing me.
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