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  1. Whilst doing a gym run (or possibly any NPC battle), the NPC's next Pokémon are revealed under the HP Bar as soon as the one in battle faints (previously it would wait until the NPC selects and throws out that particular Pokémon) and occasionally you can actually click through and select your next moves before they're even present on the battlefield.
  2. Every time you're supposed to get a shiny Beldum or Bagon, the game gives someone a duck instead. It was part of the "Nerf Fixed" patch. :P
  3. Team Name: SimplyLemonade Team Tag: LËM Registered Players: hannahtaylor, Poufilou, MoxieMozzie, purpleturkleton, Misdou, Powerdrib Team Captain: Powerdrib
  4. You have to remember that this isn't Pokemon, it's PokeMMO. Trainers, mechanics, and various formulas are all different when compared to the original main series games, not to mention the hybrid generation PokeMMO is currently comprised of.
  5. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  6. Rip the entire PokeMMO breeders economy if we ever got something like this.
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