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  1. Currently there is no ETA. The mod is compiled using the recommended method to ensure Android compatibility but it still does not load the new cries when enabled. Unfortunately I do not have an Android device to readily test it any further currently.
  2. Get ready to have your starters license inspected! (Congrats!!!!)
  3. In addition to the suggestions, photoshop has a batch automation system and a functional colour replacement tool so you could record the replacement process once and the replay it back for all of the other sprites.
  4. Thank you for the kind words and the recommendation regarding shiny colours. Once I've fixed a few more issues that I've spotted my next sweep will be to go through and colour correct as many as needed. Have a great day! 😄
  5. It is a standard zip file and has the extension edited to .mod as per the recommended method of builing mod archives. I download and test each revision myself so I can confirm that it does work and opens perfectly fine in any standard zipping tool (WinZip, WinRar, 7Zip..). I would recommend redownloading the file and rather than using the import button, use the "open mod folder" button and copy the fresh download into that. Then restart the client, enable the mod, and you're golden. EDIT: This is from a fresh download just a few moments ago:
  6. Updated: v1.0.5 - Shiny Gyarados sprite fixed. No more random green dot. Thank you to @LordHydrafor spotting it.
  7. I could have sworn the fainted lead repel trick method was removed in an update a while ago. TIL.
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