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  1. Breeding a shiny with a normal will not result in a shiny baby. The baby will have the same 1/30,000 chance of being a shiny. However, breeding a shiny with a shiny will result in a shiny baby and this can be seen on the breeding screen before committing to the breed.
  2. I did. I was commenting on the logistical aspects rather than the technical.
  3. It's a Kecleon. You need an item from Steven to view it. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hoenn_Route_119#Invisible_Kecleon_locations
  4. I would imagine they would use the roms exactly as they do currently, so that’s not really an issue. And by that I mean that the burden of responsibility is on the end user to supply the roms in an unencrypted state. Yup, I made reference to those in my original post and whilst they’re definitely a better quality than the Black/White sprites, they’re still rife with issues, and most lack decent back sprites that are of a similar quality.
  5. Now that large parts of MMO are now rendered 3D models, it would be fantastic to also utilise the 3D models of the later games for battles instead of sprites (or screen cap edits of those later game models). Is this be something that is being worked on, or on the roadmap?
  6. Haven't played properly in a month or so. Jump back on this morning for a quick look around.. Shiny Rate Is Fair!! xD
  7. I don't think bulk single listings would work for Pokémon due the change in stats per 'mon and this is already a thing for items. However, it would be great to be able to shift+click X amount of Pokémon (already possible for changing boxes), and sell each of them for the same price each.
  8. Another topic and post that you clearly put zero thought in to. slow clap
  9. Loads of the UI elements are off for me today too, but were fine yesterday.
  10. This. I can deal with the other changes, the nerfs of certain items, the nerfing of useful farming moves or abilities, the destruction of berry farming, but to require the lead Pokémon to no longer be fainted to gain an overworld effect is just an arbitrary two fingers up from the devs, IMO. I’ve used a lead fainted Pokémon with some ability or another since pretty much day one (or at least since I returned to the game earlier this year) so that I may farm for decent IV efficiently for breeders, or any other number of reasons. Now I can no longer do two things at once, farming/grinding and watching a film or reading an article or journal, as I will have to constantly shift my focus back to changing Pokémon once I enter a battle to my catcher or my fighter instead of being able to enjoyably and efficiently complete my actions with one eye on the screen and the other on what I’m doing in the real world. Since I returned to the game earlier this year I’ve clocked up nearly 500 hours play time, doing roughly 80-100 hours a week due in no small part to being on long term sick leave and not being able to do much else, but for the first time since I returned I’ve lost all motivation to play because of this, and to a lesser extent the other, changes. NB: I’m well aware no one actually cares for the story of another person but I just wanted to get my two cents out there whilst I had the motivation to do so.
  11. Can someone please unplug BoltBlades, I think he/she's stuck in a loop..
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