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  1. That's how it works for other wild held consumables like berries so I'd also assume it's the same for consumables like the Air Balloon.
  2. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  3. Poor @EricRasp being blocked by everyone.. xD
  4. I think the ignore feature is going to be getting a lot of use all of a sudden. xD
  5. I highly doubt there will ever be linking to official Pokémon games because it’s just not needed in PokeMMO.
  6. Grinding and money-sinks are required aspects of any MMO. Without such requirements the devs may as well just give items away to players and that'll be even less fun than working for what you want.
  7. A great way to check where something is available if you don’t have it in your dex is to check the GTL and look at where a few of them were caught.
  8. But this wasn't truly random this time which is the highlighted issue. Because only a few players had finished the round it was easy to see who the opponent was going to be.
  9. If the randomisation isn't random, then that is a fault with the system, regardless of the supposed time difference.
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