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  1. It's meant to be .mod. Just copy it to your mods folder in the PokeMMO install location, or use the import option on the mod selection screen.
  2. That's how the Illusion ability works. Once that Pokemon takes damage the illusion will break and it will be replaced by the Zorua/Zoroark.
  3. Fast breeding service, great communication, brilliant pricing!
  4. 171 since last shiny, was just afk hunting some encounters..
  5. Team Name: Simply Lëmonadë Team Tag: [LËM] Registered Players: hannahtaylor, Poufilou, paydough, HumungousNoodle, purpleturkleton, TWOTAM, Skills, MoxieMozzie Team Captain: hannahtaylor
  6. You can open it, just don't have the GTL window over the HP bars otherwise it breaks the counting and causing miscounts or duplicate counts.
  7. Don't drag the GTL (or any other window) over the top of the HP bars whilst in a battle, and in the PokeMMO settings go to Interface > Always Show Battle HUD and set it to always. This will solve the issue with duplicate counts if fainting pokemon whilst also counting.
  8. Let me preface my opinion with that I love Pokémon and I love PokeMMO, but I can't help but feel that they're all incredibly realistic gripes with the state of things. The nerfs, both publicised and ghost, are getting more and more frustrating and feeling more and more like a hostile environment towards the player base. I can't help but feel that the regular nerfs will eventually just make even the most tolerable of farming methods or grinds just unviable and uninviting for the average player. There has to be a good balance between making money and having fun, and right now that balance see
  9. We used to be able to add them to the hot bar but for some reason it stopped working a number of updates ago. If they were on your hot bar at the time, they stayed and still accurately show the quantity in your bag, but if you remove them from the hot bar they're gone for good. Upvoted because it was a great feature.
  10. That's just the file format, you can safely ignore it. Open up the mod management section of the PokeMMO client, click Import, navigate to the downloaded file.
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