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  1. Nice catch! Off topic question: What mod are you using for the coloured HUD icons?
  2. kuplion

    Value Advice

    Thank you for the detailed answer. I did suspect as much regarding the 31 IV’s but I was kinda hoping that these being relatively decent could still carry a decent price. Incidentally I actually manage to sell one of them for about $150,000 on the GTL since that post.. xD
  3. I'm confused, why did you both quote me and tag Parke? xD
  4. It took me 4 hours to catch all three. I caught Chikorita and Totodile within 30 minutes and then Cyndaquil took the rest of that time. Even with that time taken, I think it's absolutely fair as starters from a region that isn't in the game should be difficult to get.
  5. Mods so they're easier to spot! Check out the mod section!
  6. That's my 4th OT in 375 hours, all 90-95 hours apart! xD
  7. The thing about those price dips is they’re never permanent. The issue with implementing something of this nature is that there are also massive highs in prices too for certain items and Pokémon, which thankfully are also not permanent. Should that be capped too? What should be done about rare items or Pokémon, better IVs, fully trained, or shinies?
  8. Ensure you are both in the same channel; look at the top left corner of the screen and you will see which channel you are in. And then once you have confirmed that, you can change the channel by clicking the on Community icon on the bottom right of the screen and selecting the Change Channel option.
  9. kuplion

    Value Advice

    Afternoon folks. What is a Soothe Bell worth? The GTL has them listed at $1,000,000+ but I'm not sure if that's just the one or two on there being hyper inflated. I've tried to find a definitive answer to this but have come up empty handed so I'm turning to everyone here. EDIT: And whilst I'm here, what would people value these wild catches? I figured they're too good to be used just for the 31 IV stats in breeding. Both are neutral natures.
  10. You're above the level cap for every region, prior to beating the Elite 4 there, that's why it's not obeying you.
  11. You really don't need to double post. You've already asked about the Trick House in the FAQ thread so why not just wait for someone to answer you in there?
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