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  1. Four additional regions confirmed!!!
  2. @hannahtaylor and I will both donate 1m each. Stay strong, Tawla. My condolences to you all those impacted by this terrible loss of life, and rest in peace, Samehada.
  3. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: Getovaherez, TheDH, badbaarsito, BrianAttackPro, Hasvha, Poseidonwrath, Azphiel, Kamowanthere, ManyTears, Hannahtaylor, NoNouGatine, xLarzi, Taystee, Superman, Rakhmaninov Team Captain: HannahTaylor
  4. 15667 encounters.. EDIT: That completes the pair!
  5. Ok, this got a proper laugh!! :D Great guide, Sethsen!! Thank you!!
  6. Ah well that's disappointing. Thank you all the same though, at least now I know. EDIT: Just managed to test this with a shiny borrowed from a team mate.. It seems like such a bizarre mechanic when both parents are the same evo line but oh well. :(
  7. Hey folks! I've got an OT male shiny Mightyena that I would like to breed some better IVs into but I don't want to lose the OT on the breed. I was under the impression that if I bought a female shiny from the same evolution line then my OT would pass down but I'm not 100% on that and don't fancy wasting the money on a breeder only to lose my OT. I've asked a few people about this and was recommended two possible solutions: to either catch a shiny female of the same evo line so it too has my OT, or to use a shiny Ditto so that the OT is passed from my male shiny. Which, if any of those, would be the correct way to retain the OT?
  8. 15532 Encounters! That was terrifying!!! I had one 'mon in my team lower than their level, and they roared it out at one point, but thankfully no more roars that turn so I could switch back and keep fainting them..
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