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  1. I think that there is a big problem with gold nugget farm. They are very easy to farm, and they are sold to NPC's, and that generates inflation. This is one of the principal way to earn money fast an well, and is known by everyone. Maybe a nerf in it's price on NPC's or a nerf in it's appearance rate could help to decrease inflation, it won't stop it, but it will help a lot. @Bestfriends I read what you have posted before, and I understand it. That economic politics are working sensational in China (and personally I really like free market politics), but maybe just an intervention in this economy could help. Free market politics are one of the simplest, you don't have to do anything, the law of supply and demand will fix everything and that is true. But come on, I am not the only person that have posted something about the ecconomy in PokeMMO here, I am not the only one that want an intervention here and I am not the only one that suffer when prices are lowering. This was my last comment here, just think about it. Kmikzee
  2. Can you explain why are they fixing the economy? Kmikzee
  3. First, you said: "You are the one living in a fantasy world thinking GTL or any market isnt a competitive environment" when I was defending that competitive market previously. Second, if your problem was I said something about the "noob clause" you are not making focus on the principal idea of that comment. I told that don't expect a united community when we have players from different countries and different points of view. Third, if your solution is don't do anything, okay it can be a solution. I have posted a solution and you have posted a solution, are not the same? Can't find the problem. This post wasn't created to discuss wich solution is worse than other. This was created for admins, to have one post that collect a lot of solutions for a real problem. And, if you think that I want to "discuss about people lowering prices by 1 just to get ahead", please go to the top of this post and read it again. Kmikzee
  4. I don't know if you are kidding me or what. I invite you to read the entire post and read all the times I defended the competitive sistem in this economy. I have been playing this game for 6 years, so I know how it's economy works. Do not treat me like an idiot or noob because I am not. Instead of that, go to read the entire post and think a solution for this problem. Kmikzee
  5. I understand your point of view, but I thing you are wrong. First, I haven't made this post because of my items weren't selling well. I am intelligent enough to know when I have to sell my items and when I have to wait, but think in this: the solution you told, it's a personal solution for me, for you and for people who are reading this. It isn't a global solution. As I have told, we live in a world that everyone wants to earn much as he can, and because of that, lot of people lower prices, lots of people farm items with leppa berries, and lots of new players don't know how to earn money to build their first PvP team or buy some cosmetics. It's something stupid to expect all players not to lower prices or wait to sell their items, that is imposibble. Don't be in a fantasy world, don't expect that all the community in PokeMMO will be united and will rise prices or wait to sell their items to not lower them. We can't do that in real life, I don't think we will do that in a game that don't have consequences in real life. Kmkzee
  6. I think a time or quantity restriction will help prices won't get stuck. But they will rise and fall, this is not a problem, this is how real life economy works. Apples aren't always at the same price, you are able to earn more or not if you want. If a price get stuck, it will be really difficult to be more expensive, but if a price is lowering (without getting stuck), sooner or later demand will dissapear lower prices and it will be able to be more expensive again. And come one, GTL wants to be like real life economy, and real life economy it's a competition. Don't be in a fantasy world. Kmikzee
  7. If you make that you are creating an static economy. And in that economy al items will be sold at the same price, you won't earn more than others so you are deleting users competition.
  8. That would be really boring. Remember this economy wants to be like in the real life, with ups and downs. If you put a limit price on items, you will always farm that item because you always have the same gain.
  9. With a time restriction he could never make that.
  10. I am not talking just about Everstones. I am talking about all items that don't be sold really fast, for example: Leppa Berry is a really fast sell item, because it is used to farm other items or catch shinys, so you need big amount of it.In another case, Max. PP isn't a fast sell item, maybe if you offer 5 in GTL you will sell it at 1 hour. Now, supose that i am selling 99 Max. PP at 30k. Okay, I have stucked it's price. So another one, will put 99 Max.PP at a lower price, and it will be more stucked. Why did he do this? Because he want to earn money fast, and that is something natural. I mean that the problem it's psychologically, because if someone sees prices from 8k to 7k with variations of 100 pokeyen, but the quantity of that item is low, he won't see the price stuck, because that items will be sold and the stagnation will dissapear. Unlike if he sees prices from 8k to 7k with variations of 100 pokeyen, and 99 items per sale, he will see that the price is stuck, and as I said previously, he will offer his item at a lower price because he want to earn money fast, and the money will be more stuck. If someone llower prices of an item with a low amount of him, that item's price will be low for one day or some hours.But if he lower that item's price with 99 units of him, it's price will be low for days or weeks. Don't live in a fantasy world, maybe your solution is that persons don't lower prices, but that is impossible. You can't control all world's desicion. If someone wants to lower the price, he will do, you can't stop this. Because of this, I said maybe a time or quantity restriction could help. The theory of supply and demand could help, but try to think solutions. It doesn't work if you make an explanation of all you have learned in school or university, use that to think a solution for this. If you don't like my solution, try to offer a better one, you are welcome. See ya. Kmikzee
  11. Okay, in this post I will explain which is the real problem with PokeMMO's economy. Here we go. The problem with GTL aren't persons that sells at a lower price, the real problem with this are persons who sells stacks of 99. I will explain it: We will work with one item, Everstone. Evertone's price is 8k aprox. Now, supose that one person, called "A", is selling 10 Everstones at 8k, and A is the lower price. Most of people think that earning money fast is better than have to wait some hours (I am not here to tell you if that is okay or not, come on, if you could you will want to earn 1m in 1 hour, right?), so one of them, called "B", will sell his 10 Everstones at 7999y, so here is when the price of Everstone starts to fall. But he is offering just 10 Everstones , so Everstone's price will not get stuck (7999y it is a temporal price because of the low quantity of Everstones B is selling and they will be sold fast). Okay so, wich is the real problem? The real problem are persons who sells in stacks of 99 Everstones. Why? Supose that another person called "C" sales an stack of 99 Everstones at 8k. As I have said previously, most of people think that earning monet fast is better than have to wait some time, so another person called "D" will sell another stack of 99 Everstones at 7800y because he doesn't want to wait 1 hour or 2 hours until the Everstones are sold. Here is when the price get stuck. They won't sell it fast, so the price will be stuck for a time between 7.8k and 8k. Here is when another one comes and sells another stack of 99 Everstones at a lower price, so he will stuck more it's price. In conclusion. The real problem is not that item's price goes down, the real problem are people who sell stacks or a big amount of items at the same time. It's obviously we cant stop people who sell items at lower prices, but we can stop people who sell stacks of items.If we do this, the prices won't get stuck. Maybe a quantity or time restriction to sell some items will stop this, it can be different for each one of not (because is more easy farm some items than others). I would like you to tell me what you think about this. Wich is economy's problem for you? How would you solve it? See ya. -Kmikzee.
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