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  1. I imagine he means this would be in a more often occurance then our PVE events. PVE event's are great, but they are not happening every day, or every few days. It also brings in an automated system into the game to keep things fresh and some other kind of entertainment from the normal grind.
  2. Do we already have; Shorter berry growth times More Dungeons; Single Player Dungeons Party Dungeons Multiplayer Dungeons Lower Level Dungeons (Single Player, Multiplayer, Pary) Dungeons including a pokedollar reward, item rewards, vanity item rewards and possibly Legendary Pokemon rewards. Breeding having exact times it takes to produce an egg Breeding Notifications for when your pokemon in Daycare have an egg available (Either or both of these things will make breeding less tedious, and give players the option to do something else while waiting for parents to produce an egg, and still breed at the fastest rate possible) Shorter times it takes to rechallenge NPC's/Gyms/Elite Removing Tri Attack, and/or Sturdy from NPC Pokemon Add the Shiny Charm Make the Shiny chance a static rate, so we are not penalizing shiny hutners Hotkey for Sweet Scent Hotkey for Run Add abilities that are available to Pokemon to the Pokedex section of the Pokemon. Like list Starmie with Natural Cure, and Illuminate. Add the ability to search for Pokemon by Ability on the Pokedex
  3. What if you just accidently used the wrong ball? People tend to like to put their finished competitive breeds into Luxury Balls. Do you want to have to breed a whole new 4-5 IV natured breed. Just to change the pokeball to a luxury ball? All because you accidently held in the "a" button half a second too long, and the old man took the command to put it in a pokeball?
  4. Inb4 the next update is a tile change to the Nugget bridge, and adds fog when you walk on it. "Look at the new generation of bridge tiles we have for Nugget bridge!" "It's mahogany."
  5. There is a bridge in almost every generation. However this bridge is foggy. So I immediatly thought of the Pokemon episode The Lost World of Gothitelle! which is Black and White episode 021. Which the Skyarrow Bridge (the foggy bridge in The Lost World of Gothitelle) draws inspiration from Brooklyn Bridge (which is the one in the picture) and Rainbow Bridge. That is the Brooklyn Bridge right?
  6. Now that you mentioned being trolled, this is my assumption till proven otherwise.
  7. Technically you have "Authority Likes", not actual likes. It's basically a thing where if you have small colored letters under your name then people, and other authority figures like anything you post.
  8. Yeah dude. No bullshit just games here.
  9. Really? Wow! Never knew that at all! I'm sure no one else here did either!? That's incredible information that no one with a basic knowledge would have known! ^ Is that response lacking in contribution to the discussion enough for you, like yours was? It's obvious that developers would be working on multiple things at once, but there is always a main project. From the news given to the players, it seems the main project is releasing a new generation, and I was giving my input. In a thread. With that discussion. I'm sure an admin like yourself can understand that. Sorry if you find this response insulting, but so was yours, and I normally respond to insults with insults.
  10. I think everyone is bored because in order to do anything post game it has ridiculous wait times, and then breeding to get into competitive is on a system that makes you sit idle afk for an old man to finally give you an egg - as the fastest method for breeding. Other then leaving the parents at the daycare, and getting a notification when an egg is produced, or having a set amount of time two parents with x conditions have to produce an egg with known knowledge to the playerbase. Like I used to VS Seeker runs / Gym Run for money, stopped because it is boring to take 1 hour - 1.5 hours to produce any real income. Moved onto paydaying and selling items on GTL, which was just purely grinding. Now berry farming where I only log in every 6-12 hours for about 15 minutes then log out, or sit and chat with friends before ultimately just logging out. Your dungeons was a fantastic idea for player x player interaction, and with rewards for completing dungeons of money, and items. It could have been developed more, releasing single player dungeons, and more multiplayer dungeons, before making another region. At least then players would have a post story mode they can effectively rely on after they speed run a new generation. Because when you think about it that's ultimately is what is going to happen. Most Pokemon fans would have already played Gen IV ages ago on the 3DS. They are going to come play the new region and then either take the iniative to play the "boring" post game, or just leave. You are making it fun for a short amount of time, when you could of developed a great idea that would have ultimately been more fun in the long run. Anyway's. I'm not complaining, just adding to the discussion. I imagine work would be done on the breeding, money making concepts, and dungeons sooner or later, so i'll just have to deal till that happens. Also on my downtime I been practicing my Sinnoh speedruns (assuming that's the region coming out), and plans for Gen IV PVE/Comp Pokemon.
  11. "The Battle Box is a feature introduced in Generation V. It allows the player to store six Pokémon, which can be used instead of the current party in infrared link battles, the Battle Subway, and Random Matchup in Generation V, and the Battle Maison and the Battle Spot in Generation VI. Tournaments which utilized the "Battle Competition" feature required its use; therefore, all the Global Battle Union tournaments required it. Once the user of the Battle Box registered their Pokémon team for an official tournament that used the "Battle Competition" feature, the team was locked in the Battle Box and could not be modified (even the reordering of moves) or removed from the Box until the end of the competition. In Generation V, the Battle Box was a separate feature from the Storage Boxes and had to be selected from the menu of Amanita's PC. In Generation VI, the Battle Box became accessible from the Boxes directly, acting itself as the last Box in the line-up." http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_Storage_System#Battle_Box This same system can be, and should be, used in our PC box system on PokeMMO. Especially since trying to get into low ranking matchups like UU, and NU, takes a very long time, having the ability to do other things with a PVE team while waiting to get into a battle would 10x more beneficial than what we currently have. Also will reduce the amount of people just standing around waiting to get into matches, and gives them a reason to continue to actually play the game. Add another box or section to the PC called the Battle Box (or other name variant). This box can contain 6 Pokemon. When you enlist in joining a PVP match have the option to use the Pokemon listed in Battle Box, or the Pokemon listed in your Party. Another idea would be to add multiple lists to the battle box for each ranked setting, but I don't see that being needed when you could just goto the PC and change your battle box before registering to battle. Credit to this guy;
  12. I like the idea of making UU/NU more popular, though I wouldn't care about the popularity if I was able to do other things on the side of waiting for a match. I remember seeing a thread about adding the ORAS Battle Box function to the game, that way you can use your PVE team to do other things while waiting to do a match with your PVP team. If I can find that thread i'm going to bump it too.
  13. People get it all the time when they bother the mods in game asking for the other legendaries. Same as when people bother the mods in game about adding Johto, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos. Quickest line they get is "There are no plans to add other legendaries to the game", "There are no plans to add Johto to the game". That's literally a post from just last Tuesday as well, Kyu even says in it he disdains talking about implementing more regions.
  14. This post was just to bump this thread. I never experienced these mistakes myself, but I dread the idea of me ever doing so when i'm working on my little cup comps.
  15. We were told many times already that there are no plans to implement Legendaries into the game, and then they finally added Mewtwo (later Rayquaza) as a minigame version to catching the Legendary Pokemon. I doubt we will get anything more then that. Perhaps a global event where people can meet the other legendaries to complete the pokedex, but to be able to catch them I doubt it. It would create too many global notifications, and the current legendary's don't hold much value them self anyways.
  16. I think they should just fix the search function so it's easier/better used and that could resolve a lot of issues finding past threads.
  17. I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, and to slightly ruin your chances of getting compensation for the unfortunate event you didn't understand the situation you were in. BUT " A Pokémon affected by Encore cannot select the targets of its moves. If the Pokémon chooses to use the move, if that move can target a foe, a random foe will be targeted. If the Pokémon is now locked into Acupressure, it will randomly target either itself or an ally when executed. " -http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Encore_(move)#Generations_III_and_IV This information is also not included in the move description in Pokemon Silver, Gold, Crystal, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Heart Gold, or Soul Silver. So technically it's not the dev's fault you didn't understand how the move works. The game is still working according to the base games, and you just ended up going through a very bad situation.
  18. You know I never insulted you, so I see no reason for you to be insulting other people. That's a rude way to treat people, and a sign of weakness. Freeze can be caused by; Blizzard, Ice Beam, Ice Punch, Powder Snow, Secret Power, and Tri Attack. Mostly all 10% chance across the board with the exception of Secret Power (30%) and Tri Attack (6.77%). Take into the consideration the current meta because of the other bans we choose to make. Any sweepers used in the meta are all special attack users, cause without any viable moves in the phsycial move pool we have little to no physcial sweepers that are not exclusive to OU. So looking at Blizzard, Ice Beam, Powder Snow, Secret Power and Tri Attack. Sure 10% isn't scary on four out of six of those moves, and Secrect Power won't get the effect cause competive battles is held on a normal enviroment, but when utilized it can be very deadly. Racking an RNG of only 20% to defrost. That number sounds oddly familiar. Freeze can be healed by switching into a fire type move, so exactly how many fire type moves do you see used in the current meta? That's right. Almost none. Why? Cause all of the good fire type pokemon are not even viable. Sweepers are not viable in the current meta, the only ones that are, are restricted to OU, as others dwindle without high enough base stats in comparison to the tankiness for base stats of tanks. Then take into consideration the move pool in which you have for fire type moves, and there are not even enough moves to even be used by defensive pokemon. Another thing to mention, probably the most important fact to consider is if your team is already running Ice based moves, the need for any fire type moves is almost obsolete when the primary use would be to gain a type advantage on Grass Types. The only Bug types you are going to see is Scizor, and he seconds as a steel type. So getting a type advantage on him is simply used by any ground type move. If you are already running a curse stall pokemon, give it earthquake, and then there is nothing stopping you from freezing pokemon with Ice Punch if the need arises. "Spreading paralysis through thunderwave is a strategy because it helps walls cripple their oppnent's sweepers". How is this any different then the confusion method? Sorry, Were taking a meta already dominated by walls, and tanks. Where sweepers have little to no viability, and the only ones viable are Sp. Atk sweepers in OU. So clearly the intelligent thing is that buffing the walls, and tanks with an RNG based strategy such as this, is the balanced thing to do? I'll just let you sit on that for a bit. Yeah good thing Sleep Powder and Spore don't effect grass types. If only those were the only moves to cause sleep (Grass Whistle, Hypnosis, Lovely Kiss, Sing, Yawn). Also if only there were grass types viable in the current meta that isn't just Exeggutor, who is restricted to OU... Oh right. We already see where i'm going with that. Attract. Oh boy, I just love how ignorant you are about Attract specifically in Pokemmo. Pokemmo competitive is also dominated by it's economy, and that economy actually controls what gender you most often see in competive play. That gender you see more often is Male. Why? Cause Males go for a higher value on the market. Why are males more expensive on the market? Cause of perfectionist breeders looking for their own OT. So when a Pokemon switches tier's, and a high amount of competive pokemon hit the market, Perfectionist breeders seek out the male Pokemon in various egg groups to make thier 6x31 natured original OT breed. So when people breed competively, know what they are doing, breed them to most often be male so they sell high on the market, if and when the pokemon is no longer viable in the tier they were used. What does this mean for attract? Make a team of attract Pokemon, have four female, and two male. Then come back to me and tell me it's a useless strategy. It's not skillful, but I don't have an issue against it in competive, cause I make a team that takes being confused into consideration. #BlameThePlayerNotTheGame. There's switching out. That's the easiest solution. Before you cry "But entry hazzards", or that they confuse the next pokemon you send in. Learn how to use rapid spin, and understand that sooner or later they will run out of PP. Also take into consideration that you should have more then 1 pokemon to counter another pokemon on your team, that's the point of diversity. This is the difference between skill, knowledge, and RNG. Find out the other counters yourself, typically I enjoy having my edge in game knowing how to counter confusion. I actually completley agree with you here, it's about understanding the current meta, and learning how to counter the strongest strategies. I do have a Snorlax on my OU team, but I also have two other pokemon that easily counter Snorlax. I am just using Snorlax as an example since he is one of the strongest Pokemon in the current meta since he can Stall, and use the Curse strategy. Sorry but the fact of the matter is; If I came in here and gave everyone basic knowledge on how to counter status effects in Pokemon, then I would be only lessening my chances of winning the competitive scene. I may not use Confusion, cause to be honest, confusion is one of the weakest stategies in the game when countered. I know how to counter it, and so if I ever do see it I already have the upper hand on my opponent. When a person sends out a Confusion based Crobat for example, and I counter it. Then the game just turned into a 6 Pokemon VS 5 Pokemon. That is incredibly good for my side. I used Rapid spin as an example, cause earlier people tried to use "Entry Hazzards" as a defense to why switching Pokemon was not a viable reason to first counter confusion. Really you just proved my point further by explaining why using entry hazzards is not very viable. Though for me I run 1 Pokemon that can rapid spin, and create entry hazzards, or one that can rapid spin, and another that can create entry hazzards. If the need ever arises that I need them. The only argument is that it's RNG based, if you argue something is RNG based they have to compare it to everything else in the game that is RNG based. That is how balance works. Baton Pass was the only thing stopping the meta from becoming stallmon. As many people disagree since they never bothered to learn how to counter, or utilize Baton Pass. It is the same sense. Funny that I didn't even mention Baton Pass, but i'm happy you brought it up.
  19. I'm sorry to say but you litterally just described my point. For starters I'm not a "jackass", it's a legitimate question that needs to be taken into consideration. You say we can't ban crits, burns, freezes, or enforce 100% move accuracy on all moves. Well, fun fact, we actually can, and with how things are going - this is going to be inevitable. If we continue to allow people who can be considered "sore losers" with nothing more then "I got confused, and that supported my loss" to decide on the clauses enforced in the game. Then we will have no more game left to play. Also how does causing confusion differate from Freeze, Paralysis, Sleep, Attract, and Accuracy? These are all things that take random chance into consideration. The current meta is dominated by a Tanky Stallmon named Snorlax, that utilizes the rng from Body Slam's paralysis to make itself even more stronger. As I understand the desire not to have rng in a competitve game. However by the end of the day you just have to accept that's apart of the game you are choosing to play, and if you are not skilled enough to consider the chance of being hit by a status ailment within your strategy - then it's on you - for your loss. Not the game. "Blame the player not the game". Might I also add that every competive game has chance in it. There is a reason for the hax items clause, and it's not cause of only RNG. It's also apart of the fact that the items considered "hax items" give a sustantial boost to a specific strategy that is far too strong to have in a competive game. IF there was no counter to confusion then I could understand there being a ban on it, but there is a counter, and it's very easy to understand and utilize, so there is no reason to ban an entire status ailment cause people don't want to research strategy. That's not even remotely close to how META's work or develop. I don't know what competitive games you been playing, but the meta is controlled by whatever the strongest strategy is and then how to counter it. With buffs and debuffs to different areas that makes the strategy and counter - stronger or weaker. Untill the counter, or a different counter becomes the strongest strategy, and then the development continues. There is a reason that Curse and Stall are the current meta, cause that is the strongest strategy the game currently offers with the least amount of strategy against it. As the game only has a moderate amount of strategy when it comes to a small pool of types (EX; Fighting/Dark), and a heavily controlled structure of Pokemon you're allowed to use. The ability to use roles such as sweepers, or bulkty sweepers becomes nearly impossible, with only a select few Pokemon being able to provide the role reletively well. With such a small group of sweepers, and bulky sweepers you can use, then it's easy to understand and counter those sweepers to ensure the stategys with Curse, and Stalling succeed even more. Without any kind of RNG from Paralysis, Sleep, Freeze, Burn, Poison, Accuracy, Field Hazzards, Abilities, Infactuation, Crticals, and Confusion (Please remind me of more), then this strategy will be considered to strong, and then even that will be considered to be banned, untill the Meta only becomes the weaker sweepers, and then it will just be whoever is faster. Again I will mention understanding how to utilize the effects of dfiferent moves and how to counter them, is the strategy in Pokemon. If you don't know how to counter something like Confusion, research it, and then you will only be a better player then you are currently. There is a huge difference between ignorance, and using RNG to win. How many people do you see running a Pokemon with Rapid Spin? Not many. Why? Cause a majority of players in the game are not putting in the time to research, and strategize in the game to counter basic effects. They all just run one or two hazzard Pokemon, setup in the first few turns (or not at all). Run through other Pokemon to widdle down the opponents Pokemon using one Cleric to Heal Bell any permament status effects. Till landing on Curselax, or some sort of stall Pokemon to wipe the slate. So again. If we keep banning every move that people who say "I lost a game, my opponent used x, ban it please" what will come to this game. Will it even be Pokemon anymore? If you wish I can find a hefty list of Facebook games that is exactly like Pokemon but doesn't have any status effects, or RNG based moves. Unfortunatly a majority still use Critical, and Accuracy, but even the worlds largest most competivie online games utilize the RNG from Critcal, and Accuracy. *drops mic*
  20. I don't understand the argument that by having confusion allowed creates less diversity in the current meta? Currently the meta is a Curse/Stall only meta with little to no diversity. Really the only other kind of pokemon I see is one based off Paralysis, or Confusion. Take any of those out of the meta will only revert to a Curse/Stall only meta, Snorlax becomes Uber, and Miltank becomes OU. Then what's stopping the move attract? Are we then going to ban that too cause it's a move based off RNG? Also in the argument against RNG, no one is speaking about Critical's, miss chance, and chance abilities. Remove those from the game cause "I can't have RNG in Pokemon" what are we left with? These are litterally just honest questions to be considered. All I have been seeing is people saying "I lost cause of the RNG from Confusion, ban it please", and the only viable argument is that it's RNG based, and people want the game to have more skill. The problem with that is the biggest argument, is how much are we going to take from the game till it's not Pokemon anymore? Will this just become a monster battle game, that you could be playing instead - off facebook?
  21. Doesn't daycare just teach moves to Move Slot 1 anyways? Why not just move any eggmoves you want to keep down to Move Slot 3-4 and then leave the pokemon in the daycare? How many Pokemon do you breed with 4 egg moves?
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