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  1. I imagine he means this would be in a more often occurance then our PVE events. PVE event's are great, but they are not happening every day, or every few days. It also brings in an automated system into the game to keep things fresh and some other kind of entertainment from the normal grind.
  2. Do we already have; Shorter berry growth times More Dungeons; Single Player Dungeons Party Dungeons Multiplayer Dungeons Lower Level Dungeons (Single Player, Multiplayer, Pary) Dungeons including a pokedollar reward, item rewards, vanity item rewards and possibly Legendary Pokemon rewards. Breeding having exact times it takes to produce an egg Breeding Notifications for when your pokemon in Daycare have an egg available (Either or both of these things will make breeding less tedious, and give players the option to do something else while waiting for parents to produce an egg, and still breed at the fastest rate possible) Shorter times it takes to rechallenge NPC's/Gyms/Elite Removing Tri Attack, and/or Sturdy from NPC Pokemon Add the Shiny Charm Make the Shiny chance a static rate, so we are not penalizing shiny hutners Hotkey for Sweet Scent Hotkey for Run Add abilities that are available to Pokemon to the Pokedex section of the Pokemon. Like list Starmie with Natural Cure, and Illuminate. Add the ability to search for Pokemon by Ability on the Pokedex
  3. What if you just accidently used the wrong ball? People tend to like to put their finished competitive breeds into Luxury Balls. Do you want to have to breed a whole new 4-5 IV natured breed. Just to change the pokeball to a luxury ball? All because you accidently held in the "a" button half a second too long, and the old man took the command to put it in a pokeball?
  4. Inb4 the next update is a tile change to the Nugget bridge, and adds fog when you walk on it. "Look at the new generation of bridge tiles we have for Nugget bridge!" "It's mahogany."
  5. There is a bridge in almost every generation. However this bridge is foggy. So I immediatly thought of the Pokemon episode The Lost World of Gothitelle! which is Black and White episode 021. Which the Skyarrow Bridge (the foggy bridge in The Lost World of Gothitelle) draws inspiration from Brooklyn Bridge (which is the one in the picture) and Rainbow Bridge. That is the Brooklyn Bridge right?
  6. Now that you mentioned being trolled, this is my assumption till proven otherwise.
  7. Technically you have "Authority Likes", not actual likes. It's basically a thing where if you have small colored letters under your name then people, and other authority figures like anything you post.
  8. Yeah dude. No bullshit just games here.
  9. Really? Wow! Never knew that at all! I'm sure no one else here did either!? That's incredible information that no one with a basic knowledge would have known! ^ Is that response lacking in contribution to the discussion enough for you, like yours was? It's obvious that developers would be working on multiple things at once, but there is always a main project. From the news given to the players, it seems the main project is releasing a new generation, and I was giving my input. In a thread. With that discussion. I'm sure an admin like yourself can understand that. Sorry if you find this response insulting, but so was yours, and I normally respond to insults with insults.
  10. I think everyone is bored because in order to do anything post game it has ridiculous wait times, and then breeding to get into competitive is on a system that makes you sit idle afk for an old man to finally give you an egg - as the fastest method for breeding. Other then leaving the parents at the daycare, and getting a notification when an egg is produced, or having a set amount of time two parents with x conditions have to produce an egg with known knowledge to the playerbase. Like I used to VS Seeker runs / Gym Run for money, stopped because it is boring to take 1 hour - 1.5 hours to produce any real income. Moved onto paydaying and selling items on GTL, which was just purely grinding. Now berry farming where I only log in every 6-12 hours for about 15 minutes then log out, or sit and chat with friends before ultimately just logging out. Your dungeons was a fantastic idea for player x player interaction, and with rewards for completing dungeons of money, and items. It could have been developed more, releasing single player dungeons, and more multiplayer dungeons, before making another region. At least then players would have a post story mode they can effectively rely on after they speed run a new generation. Because when you think about it that's ultimately is what is going to happen. Most Pokemon fans would have already played Gen IV ages ago on the 3DS. They are going to come play the new region and then either take the iniative to play the "boring" post game, or just leave. You are making it fun for a short amount of time, when you could of developed a great idea that would have ultimately been more fun in the long run. Anyway's. I'm not complaining, just adding to the discussion. I imagine work would be done on the breeding, money making concepts, and dungeons sooner or later, so i'll just have to deal till that happens. Also on my downtime I been practicing my Sinnoh speedruns (assuming that's the region coming out), and plans for Gen IV PVE/Comp Pokemon.
  11. "The Battle Box is a feature introduced in Generation V. It allows the player to store six Pokémon, which can be used instead of the current party in infrared link battles, the Battle Subway, and Random Matchup in Generation V, and the Battle Maison and the Battle Spot in Generation VI. Tournaments which utilized the "Battle Competition" feature required its use; therefore, all the Global Battle Union tournaments required it. Once the user of the Battle Box registered their Pokémon team for an official tournament that used the "Battle Competition" feature, the team was locked in the Battle Box and could not be modified (even the reordering of moves) or removed from the Box until the end of the competition. In Generation V, the Battle Box was a separate feature from the Storage Boxes and had to be selected from the menu of Amanita's PC. In Generation VI, the Battle Box became accessible from the Boxes directly, acting itself as the last Box in the line-up." http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_Storage_System#Battle_Box This same system can be, and should be, used in our PC box system on PokeMMO. Especially since trying to get into low ranking matchups like UU, and NU, takes a very long time, having the ability to do other things with a PVE team while waiting to get into a battle would 10x more beneficial than what we currently have. Also will reduce the amount of people just standing around waiting to get into matches, and gives them a reason to continue to actually play the game. Add another box or section to the PC called the Battle Box (or other name variant). This box can contain 6 Pokemon. When you enlist in joining a PVP match have the option to use the Pokemon listed in Battle Box, or the Pokemon listed in your Party. Another idea would be to add multiple lists to the battle box for each ranked setting, but I don't see that being needed when you could just goto the PC and change your battle box before registering to battle. Credit to this guy;
  12. I like the idea of making UU/NU more popular, though I wouldn't care about the popularity if I was able to do other things on the side of waiting for a match. I remember seeing a thread about adding the ORAS Battle Box function to the game, that way you can use your PVE team to do other things while waiting to do a match with your PVP team. If I can find that thread i'm going to bump it too.
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