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  1. Wow, you were serious this time by the looks of it. good riddance, was worth the warning. toodles.

  2. If you experience, what is in your understanding a bug, it is best to report it here. Cheers ~
  3. Special encounters, also known as phenomenon are randomized spawns that are time-based. You can compare them to swarms, for easier understanding. Here you can find more information regarding spawn locations. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Hope this was of help. Cheers ~
  4. Esthetically—Umbreon and Espeon Usage-wise—Vaporeon and Jolteon. Cheers.
  5. Here you can find details and information regarding the Christmas-based updates and relating to the current running event connected to said update. Cheers.
  6. When we look at what PokeMMO offers as we speak, we can count ourselves lucky for all the features that are currently already implemented and readily available to us. In regards to what future updates the client holds in store, is up to the higher ups. Time will tell. Also, certain features might actually be integrated to create a challenge. Which in essence, is the point of Seasonal Events. (In addition to bonding through links and additional exclusive drops/items/rewards) Cheers.~
  7. Hi there, You might want to contact staff directly : support requests,. Or you can wait and an active staff member might reply via this very thread. Hope that helped. Cheers ~
  8. Hi there, That particular pond holds Pokémon that are often used for breeders. (water breeders) Which is easy access when you're on the Kanto breeding island. Or perhaps a Player Hosted Event / Official Event / Team Event took place at that particular location. If you notice people sweet scenting and running away, they are Shiny Hunting with hordes. Hope that answered your question. Cheers ~
  9. No problem at all. Always happy to help whenever I can. o/
  10. Hi there, You can give this a look and Item index (2019) (2nd addition is included in the thread) for a general overview) Kanto (Department store, Celadon) Unova (Shopping mall, route 9) Hope that helped, Cheers ~
  11. Hi there, You might want to repost this in the Suggestion Box. (if it was an actual suggestion) Cheers ~
  12. Hi there, Dragon Tail (in a trainer battle) will switch out the Pokémon currently out in the field (if more than 1 Pokémon is present in the party). In a wild battle with a single target, Dragon tail will end the battle if your level is equal or higher to that target"s level. Hope that answered your question. ^-^
  13. With these kinds of questions, it might be a good idea to give the FAQ a little scroll up-and-down. You may also, as EazyL previously commented, give this thread a look in the future. (regarding moves/tutors etc) And for TM-HM related moves, you can always check this thread .
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