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  1. 2 hours ago, Eggplant said:

    Certainly due to copyright.

    After all, they have added johto and hoenn pokemon way back in fire red before hoenn came out, so 'not having the region' is probably not an issue.


    But in the 6th gen roms, the pokemon no longer have sprites, they just have 3D models.

    While there are sprites in the style of gen 5, for pokemon of all gens beyond 6th -- they wouldn't be located in an official rom.


    And the devs can't distribute copyrighted assets either, like taking the fanmade sprites and including them in the client download.

    Which means they would have to prompt users to find dubious fanmade romhacks and require them in the game... and I don't foresee them going there.


    If we ever get pokemon beyond gen 6, it'd likely be because they decided to upgrade the game to a newer-gen engine, and actually run pokemon x/y in pokemmo or something.

    but the 3DS is notoriously hard to emulate, so I'm not really counting on it. that's why they settled for gen 5 in the first place, even though sun/moon was pretty much already out.

    So the game will get stuck in the fifth generation?

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