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  1. NEED not really I just think johto balls are the only thing missing.
  2. Forgot the cost for listing in gtl unless you try to sell on trade which even so takes time and you may have to sell for a cheaper price than gtl unless you are willing to spend hours finding a buyer
  3. Whatever. Berry farming was the easiest way for noobs to get money. Complaning about amulet coin just because it pisses you sounds funny
  4. Thanks guys you screwed every way to create money, and forced people to spend their whole day in a online game just to get decent stuff (300k a day lol) and try to keep up with the older players that already should have 100m+ on their accounts. And why only focus on competitive play? I've met new players and they also want shiny mons and vanities. If trying to get a shiny was already tough before considering you had to spend some time on it, guess now that you have to spend at least 4 hours to get money for some leppas. Oh and of course you can farm gtl by buying and selling stuff but sure every noob has 2m+ capital after finishing the story to do so right?
  5. that's a hidden ability and it isn't implemented yet
  6. Asterrrr


    I don''t think it would make any difference unless you spend the whole day at pokemmo
  7. I get only bitter and sweet are keeping it at 1100-1200 since they're a need for leppas. but why is very bitter seed so cheap?
  8. 1ro Porque muchas personas abusaban en exceso el farmeo de bayas creando incluso más de 3 cuentas para farmear 2do En realidad ahora ganas más dinero si solo te enfocas en farmear gym y no te distraes 3ro eso si fue horrible 4to lo mejor de la actualización 1st Because many people abused berry farming creating even more than 3 accounts to do it 2nd Actually now you earn more money if you only focus on farming gym and do not get distracted 3rd that was horrible 4th rp vouchers are the best thing they have ever introduced
  9. Only recently released vanities seem to be getting a price decrease. I don't see a day where flaming skull mask drops to 80m or something so low. Berry farming will still be the most profitable way to get money IMO even if they were nerfed. I just think this will increase the cap between older and newer players. Rare vanities will still be expensive. Maybe even more expensive than before (talking about real and not nominal value) Some idiots may say hey jack o lantern is now 50m and before it was 60m. But farming that 10m difference is twice, if not three times, harder than before. The funny thing is that RP price has increased. Nice nice nice
  10. 1 amulet for Kanto and Hoenn and 1 just for Unova wth
  11. Same here I re installed and updated but then I couldn't open the game.
  12. Amulet coin increseas 50% the money you get so if it works as the charm items it may encourage you to farm gyms with your mates via link. I think that's positive.
  13. buy seeds and abuse berry farming then you will get a lot of cash
  14. If you are new to breeding mechanics check the guides on the forum so you can do it efficiently
  15. Male cacnea. The offspring will always be the species of the mother so if you breed a male cacnea and a female ferro you will get a Ferro.
  16. Iirc use cacnea for spikes and leech seed and boldore for SR. Anyway check bulbapedia if you need info like that
  17. If you wanted to let him hold the title forever then complain to ppl that started this reelection and nomination stuff. stop harassing the ones that are voting for einstein
  18. They don't care about inflaction as long as they can farm millions per day. Imagine how much a huge nerf would piss them off. RP investment does matter since that's the way devs get money lol. You see how much they care about that nationality with the last event we had
  19. They will never make that huge nerf to berry farming. If we could farm for example 200k daily, they would only nerf it to make us get 150k which isn't something big. Why? Simple which community is the main abuser of this system? which community is the main RP buyer? both have the same answer and it's the reason why this will always be abused
  20. What's the role of a mayor appart from promoting your youtube channel and showing your ego?
  21. I won't read it all. Just say if we're getting sinnoh soon ty
  22. Do you realize what a mess the chst would be if everyone spammed the way the guy in the photo did just because it isn't breaking any rule?
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