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  1. I won't read it all. Just say if we're getting sinnoh soon ty
  2. Do you realize what a mess the chst would be if everyone spammed the way the guy in the photo did just because it isn't breaking any rule?
  3. They should be warned or muted for spamming. I know their sentences take a lot of symbols or whatever they are, but if you look at the photo you see that guy is spamming and that must not be allowed
  4. why? is it hard to think on strategies?
  5. I think it would be an useful feature to keep a record of what you've bought and sold. Even better for people that make money by buying cheap and selling expensive.
  6. Yea it is better than the current double format
  7. when soon happens
  8. cool man now can you explain how this helps the economy regarding the massive influx of yen due to berry farming? it isn't, right? they will just do it until they realize berry farming has a higher profite/time ratio berry farming is the problem here. it is like everyone can have its own money printing machine and guess what IT'S ALLOWED HERE
  9. Yea. i'm tired of that sucker always doing the same stupid thing
  10. Simplemente es mala suerte y si es un bug. Si ves la info del pokemon ves que la exp que sube es mayor a la reportada en batalla It's just bad luck and yes it is a bug. If you check on the pokemon summary you'll notice that the exp increase is higher than the reported on battle.
  11. Well they said it would be faster than Unova so it may be implemented in about 5 - 6 months
  12. Ok we gave you attention again. Is it enough?
  13. What about registering one Team and allowing 2 changes as maximum per round?
  14. Is there any way to ban that person? He's listed about 50 pages and it's really annoying when buying or looking for stuff
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