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  1. Branni

    Gym puzzle skip.

    Which I am open to that idea as well, like I am pretty casual and usually focus on PVE. I liked grinding money off and on during breaks at work, and I know the coin stops its timer if I log off but now I'm still forced to grind out money for the rest of THAT timer. I feel forced into committing into a money run now instead of just playing and enjoying myself unless I completely give up the rest of the coin in that session.
  2. Alright, I always thought it was always a little annoying to do the puzzles for the Gyms in Unova. Not a big deal, but not I'm even more annoyed at the fact that now I'm being timed with the new amulet coin function. That doesn't add a challenge or any kind of fun to the game, it's annoying more then anything. I don't mind the new amulet coin what so ever, but don't make me run through a gym wasting 3 to 4 minutes, it adds up in the long run. This is clearly for people who have already beaten the Gym at least once, and this is for rematches.
  3. Misunderstood. Good idea, sorta have it act like a repel where a box comes up asking to equip the item that was used.
  4. Lapras is also a very good pokemon for it.
  5. Hey Eggplant, any idea if someone has an updated guide to edit tiles? I want to mod the appearances of some maps, and this is the only guide I could find, and it seems a bit outdated? 


    1. Eggplant



      Afaik, tile mods do not currently work. Completely bugged.

      We need to wait for a game update that reintroduces their support.

      That said, once fixed, that guide will probably still work mostly fine.

  6. Branni

    Ever Share

    Out of curiosity how would you improve the Amnesia Brace? @Dibz
  7. Branni

    Ever Share

    Make an item which combines Exp. Share and Everstone. Called "Ever Share" this would be a blessing for Little Cup Pokemon Training. Sell it 1,000 RP just like Amnesia Brace. I wouldn't consider it "paying to win" but paying for quality of life kinda ordeal.
  8. Interesting, I wish you would have translated Walerito's comment. Now, if this is true.... Yeah it's unfair, but let's be completely honest for a second and just remember nothing in life is fair.
  9. When you go to your PokeDex, you can see where said pokemon via Wild Locations Tab. I think a cool feature to add to the location tab is to add a function where if you click on the Location it will tell you ALL the pokemon in that map/location. Example Pictures:
  10. Glad to see you guys are active <3 I hope you two have a great day!
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