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  1. They prefer Native American. Indians are from India. Also, srs, gib Kudasai Helmet Darkshade, PLS.
  2. Great guide, even if I hate that style of game play, only critique I have is you shouldve closed with "If you aint wallin, you aint ballin"
  3. I just want the one I already bought off my other account. Its fucking bullshit that something I paid for cant be moved. 
  4. He is back, now stop being a Str8 Boi and come home. 
  5. Better then you mr cant win shit since breeding.  :D
  6. Finally get on, nobody's on. Why is Mauru not been added yet?
  7. Start by kicking yourself from Obey and coming home. 
  8. Join so I can kick you. I really feel like kicking you. 
  9.   Well depends, are you actually joining or is it just gonna be another dead account on the roster while you continue to play with that bad name. 
  10. You have to buy another name change ticket and get a less gay name before youre allowed back. 
  11. Can you do just animated letters like this?  
  12. #1 the CBII channel was active. #2, fuck you.  :wub:
  13. Come backs take commitment... and death threats if you try leaving. 
  14. Shit players will be shit.

    1. Fujimura
    2. GymLeaderGreen


      You dont even know man. It was real.

  15.   Bet     EDIT: Got us our TS channel back too, and up towards the top. 
  16. Kudasai Helmet or we riot.
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