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  1. Changes such as this really ruin the experience though in my opinion. They should've kept everything relatively the same, the economy is stupid anyway since it's really there just to benefit the devs. They could have made money off of things they actually made instead of making changes to the game itself
  2. I don't understand the reason behind why they took out berries (Berry Soil) from Hoenn but kept berries (Berry Spots) in Kanto, it's pretty odd. Taking out berries in general seems like a dumb idea especially if you just want to play for the story. PokeMMO has made a lot of changes like this that just doesn't make sense to me
  3. Since gen 5 TM's have infinite usage, it would be nice to see Kanto and Hoenn adapt this too.
  4. You could just set up a program to scout and ban players who send frequent links to other sites. Like a bot that finds bots
  5. Also I thought I would just add this. I think PokeMMO has done a good job at alienating new players as well as isolating half of the community that is VGC and not Smogon.
  6. I just have to point this out because I think it was a poor Dev choice. This game is an MMO, it's the main reason why people come to check it out, but a new player cant even get to experience all of the MMO aspects until mid game so now PokeMMO has successfully turned getting badges into a chore with a bad reward, the reward being now you can chat and trade, something you should already have been able to do in an MMO. So now the new player has to ask them self if it's even worth bothering to do all that, for half the game they don't even get to enjoy the MMO but instead pretty much play the or
  7. I haven't gotten far and wanted to know if the battle towers work properly like in the original games, really looking forward to it. Also in the Gen 3 regions are double battles up to date? What I mean is that originally gen 3 doubles had an interestingly terrible mechanic where you are forced to switch immediately after a Pokemon faints leaving your next Pokemon open for an unfair attack, I wanted to know if that has been updated.
  8. I too would love to see Doubles implemented but alongside VGC rules that would be awesome and in my opinion better for the community rather than forcing players into Smogon Singles only. Honestly not implementing the option for Doubles VGC is the only thing keeping me from staying long. Don't get me wrong the game is great but there's nothing for me to look forward to long term. I don't want to raise Pokemon to be forced to battle in a format I'm not comfortable with.
  9. Aw man, I hate grinding to Lv.100 lol I'd rather they allow to set Lv.50 because at Lv.100 some Pokemon stats in comparison to others end up being a bit different when compared to battling at Level 50. Also Lv.100 makes Sitrus Berry worthless with the Higher HP
  10. Does that allow me to edit rules or pick rulesets? That would be cool if it does
  11. I'm seeing PTS Offline before logging in, I was just wondering what that was? Is it an option to play offline? If so, how can I achieve this?
  12. They could at the least make an Anything Goes format but I would still want to bar Legends, same items, & same Pokemon and still set to LV.50
  13. That sucks, they should add VGC rules too, it has such a different feel to it that makes it fun and exciting. I would love to see a VGC Meta on here that includes options for regional or national pokemon
  14. It was a mostly suggestion but also a question in case it was already implemented and I just couldn't find it. But now that I now for sure it wasn't added I really want them to add VGC rules as an option
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